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Dancing With the Fairies

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In the early days of the their courting, The Prince and the Fandom Princess would spend many a nights together. There was one specific night that the Princess cherished in her memories. It happened during her second year at Mercury. The Prince was visiting her for the moon cycle, and on the last night that he was there, the moon happened to be full and thriving.

“Where are we going?” the Princess asked him that night. He had instructed her to keep her eyes closed as he held onto her hands and led her outside through one of the secret passageways. The Princess could feel grass brushing at her ankles, could smell the breeze, and hear the night insects busy at work.

“We’re almost there, my love,” the Prince replied.

A few moments later, they stopped. The grass no longer brushed at the Princess’ ankles, and she could hear the sound of water and slight tinkling. More┬ápredominantly┬á she could hear the gentle sound of a harp and many other magical┬áinstruments┬áthat she couldn’t place. She knew that only one sort of species had the power to create such sweet tunes that she heard now.

“Wood Fairies?” she whispered.

The Prince leaned in, placing a small kiss on her lips, and whispered “Open your eyes, my sweet.”

She opened her eyes, and the sight before her made her take in a gasp. The Prince had led her to a Fairy ground. It looked like Eden at night. Trees alight with bright little lights with their fairy homes made in them. The water gushed in beautiful cool colors, like purple and green and a light pink. The smell in the air was sweet, and all around the pair of them flew fairies, their wings fluttering in the light. They cleared an area for the Prince and Princess and changed songs to something slow and romantic.

“Oh, William. This is absolutely beautiful,” the Princess breathed.

The Prince held out his hand. “Dance with me, my Princess?”

The Princess didn’t hesitate one second to take her beloved’s hand and allowed for the Prince to lead her to a spot by the magic water, take her body in his arms, and swayed to the gentle music. The Princess didn’t care how long they stayed there; she just didn’t want the moment to end.

This post is to highlight the posts that I decided to make my tutorials for this course! The tutorials I hope help others in the future when it comes to making assignments. No matter how easy someone thinks one is, sometimes others have a challenge with it, and so I’m hoping these will help at least someone!

The first is here and was a tutorial on a video assignment that we did recently. I talk about how I picked the words I did, how I laid it out in Windows Movie Maker, and how the finished product turned out!

The second is here and was a web tutorial on how to completely edit a page using Hackasaurus. Cool stuff. Don’t be scared by the outline of the assignment. Once you get into it, it’s not as bad as it seems, trust me.

Hope someone out there finds some use for these!

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