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Final Project Thinking

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Two ideas for my final story — a little something like this:


I really enjoyed working on the audio story that involved the diary entries—->  I Found Your Diary

I have been reading through many many entries and have been trying to weave one story from many different entries (each by different authors).

I would like the story to play out via movie (stop-motion most likely), probably a poster, some audio, and may involve an open diary (hacked) entry, or perhaps a pinterest board that would detail the hopes and dreams (along the lines of the story) of the diarist.

I happen to really like the voice of the diarist I found for the audio assignment last time, keeping her real while making it into an interesting adventure at the same time.


The other idea I have been toying with is working more with The Plump Mermaid

She is planning a journey around the country right now, a road trip of sorts.  She would have interesting adventures in every region of the good ole USofA, meeting new friends, fun activities, and memories for ages.  For this I would use some sort of video, a travel planning blog/forum, and design travel posters and tickets.

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