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“I Want To Suck Your Blood” Archetype!

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I have an obsession with vampires.. always loved them so why not create a badass female montage clip. In the first clip I used “Bella” from “Twilight” even though shes a fake vampire it went with the theme. Then I used “Queen Akasha” from “Queen of The Damned”, I aboslutely love her character in the movie. She is one of my favorite Vampires of all time. In the 3rd clip I used from Van Helsing which was an awesome graphics movie. The “Van Helsing” vampires were “Anna, Markishka, Verona and Aleera.” The 4th clip I used “Jessica” the babygirl vamp from “True Blood”, awesome series by the way on HBO. In the final clip is Selena! I saved her for last because I know everyone knows about “The Underworld” and she is well known. This was a sick ass scene by the way, sucking blood while the bullet falls out of her head. Cool.


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