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Remixing a ds106 Assignment

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So this was a new fun little assignment, I clicked around for a million times looking at all the possibilities, especially cause I knew we had to do 6 stars worth later on.  I settled with A Place I’ve Never Been Remixed: Mood Swap.  So I had no idea where to start with it but I asked my roommate where he’d never been and replied Hawaii so I figured that would be perfect.  The way I believed this was remixed was because the general consensus is that it is sunny, beautiful, and overall cheery.  However, I gave it the orca treatment on Flickr to give it a grim perspective, with no color.

A place I've never been remixed


UPDATE: I didn’t realize that the six star thing was for a different thing, but if anyone’s curious, I was gonna do the Haiku it up Remixed: Infomercial and 3D Stanley Remixed: DS106-ersizing

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