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Mashup Assignments

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The first mashup assignment I chose was the Buffalax one.  The most obvious foreign programming to me is Telemundo so I chose a court case TV show called Caso Cerrado and subtitled it as a spelling bee.  The way I think this worked as a mashup was that it took the original meaning and completely gave it a 180 by changing the entire format of the show.  I used GarageBand to add the subtitles and do the necessary cutting, and then exported it to Quicktime to add it to this very page.  The one issue I found is that it’s difficult to get it perfectly timed up with the speaking and the subtitles, so there are parts where someone is still talking and there are no words and vice versa.

The other one that I chose was the Vocal Instrumental Mashup, and I chose to mash up the national anthem vocals with “take me out to the ball game” considering that I chose both versions from a Red Sox game.  This was a little more difficult cause the instrumental was so much louder than the vocals even as I adjusted the volumes per each, and I struggled getting them to really work well together. But nevertheless, a pretty interesting mashup and I’m actually mildly surprised that I couldn’t find any examples of this having been done before.

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