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Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic!- Parody Video Assignment 3 Stars

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This is the second assignment I made, and I actually had a lot of fun making the mashup!

First, I had to pick a song that’s a parody in itself. I went with Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” since I had it stuck in my head since yesterday when I was trying to explain what a remix was to my boyfriend.

Next, I went and looked for different forms of Barbie. I found some images on Google:

Image one

Image two

Image three

And I also found some clips of the Barbie show (I guess there’s a T.V show of Barbie???) Here are the ones I chose:

I even found this Barbie makeup tutorial by the famous Michelle Phan:

So if you combine all of those multimedia elements together, you will get this video I edited:

In general, I didn’t find this assignment too hard, since I did the Cartoon Transformation one right before this one. But I did have some trouble avoiding copyright issues, so I had to edit my video about three-four times to make it viewable by people. Darn you, YouTube!

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