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What’s a Remix- Tipsy Edition

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Before you listen to my explanation of what a remix is, I thought I should tell you guys that I was pretty tipsy off of red wine when I was doing this. I was only going to have half a glass, but after getting so frustrated from my Popcorn assignment, I ended up drinking one and a half glasses. Almost, I was talking to my boyfriend, who was busy trying to watch the NBA playoffs, so he wasn’t really too interested in talking… I made him mute the T.V. to talk to him. Isn’t he great? Ha ha (:

So, yep. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s my little blurb about remix.

Prior to recording, we both watched the two following videos:

I referenced both of them in my discussion, as well as one example that wasn’t in the list provided, which is…

Not going to lie, I thought it was really funny that the toy company tried to sue Aqua for this song, and then when they got to the Supreme Court, the judge told them to chill out. Way too funny.

Also before the recording, I went ahead and did some research. This was the first source I looked at. And I thought it was really interesting that they talked about how there are not any really original ideas left. It’s similar structuralism, which is a type of literary criticism. I learned about that concept last year during my Intro to Lit. Studies course, and it pretty much said that every story has the same structure (hero defeats monster), but has different variations (like what defines a hero and what defines the monster).

Something that we discussed after we were done recording was how people like Girl Talk can sell music that is completely comprised of bits and pieces of other people’s music. I tried looking for an answer and all I could find is that the guy behind Girl Talk could get away with that because of fair use? However, I really find a hard time that that’s possible. Can someone explain it more to me? Hope you guys enjoyed my somewhat drunk conversation, and I hope it somewhat made sense.

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