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Adventures with Ghost: Don’t Eat the Weeds

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Now, Ghost was a smart dog, but he was also very, very curious. It just so happened that his curiosity got the best of him one day when he was outside of Mercury with the Fandom Princess. Her class was doing research on the water lilies growing on the edge of the lake. Ghost lost interest in listening to the instructor speak, but before he left, the Princess whispered to him, “Don’t you eat the yellow weeds, Ghost. They’re not good for you.”

Ghost, barely hearing her, sauntered down by a large tree, still in sight of the Princess. His nose began to pick up the sweet smell of bacon, and he shot his head up and he looked around eagerly for the source of the smell to become clear. He didn’t see anything, but the smell was still heavy upon him. It dawned on his suddenly, as he walked around sniffing for the trail, that the smell was coming from a little yellow weed. He cocked his head to the side, confused, but took a lick of the weed any way.

Suddenly, as soon as his tongue touched it, he found that he could not pull it back into his mouth! He tugged and pulled trying to free his tongue, but no matter what he did, the weed would not move from his tongue.

He started whimpering, softly at first, then loudly. The class was startled, but the Princess was upset. From her pocket, she pulled out a vial of a pink liquid and went to Ghost.

He looked up at her, knowing he was in trouble and sorry for going against what she said.

“You silly dog,” she said sternly as she dropped two drops on top of the Ghost’s tongue where it was connected to the weed. The weed shriveled and Ghost was able to pull his tongue away. “Don’t do that again,” the Princess said and went back to her class.

Ghost, having learned his lesson, went to sit under a shady tree, far away from the weeds. 

This post is dedicated to adding more pieces to the puzzle of the Final Project! Still, what the story is about I will not tell you, although this might give it away a little.

This assignment was a video one, in fact, and it was inspired by Song Visualization. The original assignment is to use pictures and put it to a song that changes the meaning. I decided to create a montage by using pictures instead, but also put a song to the video that hopefully complimented the pictures rather than changed the meaning. I wanted it to help progress the story and not confuse anyone.

The assignment took a while because I had to find all the pictures used in the video on Google and put them together with the effects in Windows Movie Maker. The song, titled “Gonna Take You There” was sung in the movie The Princess and the Frog, and the lyrics went perfectly with moving the story forward.

The video can be found below and I hope you all enjoy it!

3 Princess Stars!

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