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Final Summary

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Bare with me, but when we first started the class I wasn’t exactly posting correctly so this reflection on week 3 link is the entire week 3 summary, my b.  Either way, after reading over my previous description I still pretty much agree with it, except that my thinking then never imagined combining several different storytelling mediums together.  At the time, I was more in the mindset that each medium had there own section that they belonged to and I never really thought of them being combined.  After doing several weeks now of putting various stories together, I can definitely say that my previous mindset has changed.

Now for the final project: A few things, exam week provides opportunities where you kind of have to pick and choose your priorities and what’s most important and what needs to have the most time.  Well, taking 6 classes this is very difficult to allocate your time wisely, so in all honesty, I could have spent a lot more time on this.  Having said that, my work was a bit sloppy and not very well refined, but I’m okay with the final product, in that it essentially tells the story I wanted to tell.  But, with less procrastination, I could definitely had a deeper story, and am very impressed by the past examples that I looked at from previous years.

The course revolved heavily around being on a computer, something I am not too familiar with, so the likes of twitter always escaped my mind.  I’ve never used twitter before cause I just don’t understand the purpose, and plan on deactivating it once the class finishes actually, but even with my dislike for twitter, I have come to appreciate the usefulness, if used correctly, of social media, so that’s something I came away from this from.  Actually, I never had a YouTube, Flickr, or SoundCloud account before either and I do plan on keeping those and checking into them every once in a while.

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My Best Work Entry

The reason I chose this as my best work was because I’m not particularly artistic, so I figured one of my writeups would be best.  Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment cause it allowed us to think about genres, and what exactly goes into a movie.  I haven’t checked into any other movies about the production that goes in behind the scenes, but that’s definitely something I’ll look into in the future.

I just realized now that I started off this final summary mentioning how I was blogging incorrectly at the beginning of the year, and how I’m finishing it up by doing the exact same mistake (putting everything in one blog).  I thought about changing it and breaking everything up like a responsible ds106er would do, but for old time’s sake, let’s just go with this flow.  My final thoughts on the class are that it was definitely fairly time consuming.  I generally procrastinated, but what college student doesn’t.  Even though I don’t see myself using many of the skills that I learned in this course throughout my life, I think that learning how to blog is a great thing to have.  It allowed me to type way less “academically” or whatever you wanna call it, and I learned how to use my own voice during the class.  In fact, on my LinkedIn page, I even added WordPress to my so called “skills and expertise” section.  Now I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert, but it looks good.  Peace and love DS106.

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