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Suddenly I See (Animated Music Video Assignment)

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Almost halfway done with my final project!

The next assignment I did was the “Animated Music Video” assignment. I originally wanted to do a few weeks back, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sit there and edit a ton of clips with no clear vision or direction. So, when I was looking for things to do for my final project, I came across this assignment again, and sat down and mapped out what I wanted this video to look like (which makes things 100x easier!) Here’s what I came up with:

First, I used one giant clip from YouTube, since it had so many different short scenes would fit with the tone and idea of my video. Coincidentally, it’s also my favourite part of the movie!

I then edited the clips on iMovie, and added in music to fit the tone. I ended up choosing this song, which I also grabbed from YouTube with PwnYouTube:

As always, let me know what you think! Yay for almost being done (:

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