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Jessica Walter Appreciation Post

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In light of the new season of Arrested Development (coming to Netflix on May 26th) I decided to do my final project on actress Jessica Walter. In the series Walter plays Lucille Bluth, the rich, rude, stuck-up mother of the Bluth family, whose overly-dependent  relationship with her son Buster is far from healthy.

Walter is also the voice actress for Malory Archer in the animates series Archer. The similarities between Lucille Bluth and Malory Archer are undeniable, down to Malory’s relationship with her own son Sterling Malory Archer. For the project I looked through videos of both characters and made a gif set comparing qualities of the two.

To give an idea of the type of people Lucille and  Malory are here are two of the clips I chose to turn into gifs.

In my project I wanted to capture the attitude, alcoholism, melodrama of the two characters. Here it is:

To create this set I downloaded the videos from youtube and trimmed them through MPEG streamclip. From there I used photoshops “Import > Video Frames to Layers” and it created and animated the layers for me. I cut down the amount of frames and from there I saved for web and Boom! There were my gifs.

My only problem was that each gif was a different size making it look unorganized and messy on the screen. I found a plugin image gallery that supported gif format called nextGEN gallery and created my slideshow.

A more organized gif set on my tumblr.

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