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Dear DS106

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I am very excited to begin this course! To get started here is a picture of me:


Just kidding, that’s not really how I look… but hopefully you knew that. I created this masterpiece in photoshop using a selfie I took in the library. I first removed the background, and then I used the liquefy tool to really distort my face. After my face was distorted enough for my tastes, I applied the cutout filter (with some tweaking). When I was creating this image I had the idea of the uncanny valley in the back of my mind, I find that concept really interesting.

Next up, a video I made that I think really captures the essence of a proper introduction:

Again with this little video I was playing around with the uncanny valley. I wanted to put my head on a sphere, and then move it around, and then maybe make it talk. I used the 3D sphere tool in photoshop, to create a sphere and then I used a picture of me as the texture for the sphere. It came out more disturbing than expected. I then imported the 2D image of sphere-head into Flash, in which I used a motion tween to move the head around. I found it really difficult to make the lips move, so instead I opted to just make the head wiggle, as the creepy whisper plays…

Now moving away from the creepyness, I debated for awhile what should I do with soundcloud. I eventually decided I would just try to give a short introduction about who I was, and then I talked a little about the background of my blog (something I think is pretty cool). I found it pretty difficult to make my speech sound natural. I used Audacity to splice a few cuts together. Anyway here is the audio:

And last and least, here is my twitter post:

I really was never a big fan of twitter, however as my first tweet reflects, I am very hopeful that I will perhaps enjoy twitter. However I am 10\pi^2\% sure I will continue to not like it at all!

I hope my multimodel introduction was enjoyable to read. I look forward to reading everyone else’s, and seeing everyone else’s digital story telling skills grow throughout the semester!

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