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My Experiences With Photography

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When I was a junior in high school I took a photography class. To be honest I only took it cause my then girlfriend was also in that class, although I really enjoyed the class in the end. One of the main reasons was my girlfriend had one of those really fancy $600 DSLR cameras. It was so awesome! I used that thing all the time, and the pictures always came out so great! You know they say that buying a really expensive camera won’t make you into a great a photographer, well I’m pretty sure it will take you about 80% of the way. Having a nice hd camera will turn an okay landscape picture into something breath taking. I really do miss that camera, sigh.

As for my actual skill as a photographer, I think I am okay. I remember from photo class really only one rule: the rule of thirds. I really liked the rule and I always attempted to employ it whenever I was taking a photo.

I especially enjoyed watching the video with Jason Eskenazi, specifically I found the statement about photography having a grammar to be very compelling. When he talked about how in the one photo the girl’s feet and the horses hooves looked the same, really got me thinking about the concept of an isomorphism again, the girl’s foot looks different than the horse’s hoof, however at the very basic level they preform the same exact function. So in this instance when they looked the same, they were the same. This piece made we want to approach photography from the perspective of finding more isomorphisms.

I was never much into the black a white photography. I was always of the narrow minded opinion that switching a photo to black and white is just a cheap way of making the photo look more artistic, and to some degree I still stand by thatĀ sentiment, however black and white photography places an emphasis on lighting, specifically on the interplay between light and dark. I think this is something that much of my photography lacks. Moving forward I want to focus more on having more interesting lighting in my photography.

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