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What is this monster?

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finalThis snake-rabbit was created for this visual assignment. I thought the premise of this assignment was really cool. I always jump at the opportunity to make funky images in Photoshop, so this assignment was probably the most fun I have had in the class so far!

For the source images I used the website called public domain pictures so I wouldn’t have to worry about any copyright infringement! I was quite pleased with the website and will probably keep coming back there through the remainder of this semester.

As for the overall process of creating the image it was pretty tricky. It took a lot of googling to get exactly what I wanted. The first thing I googled was “how to map a texture onto another texture in Photoshop”, this came up with a whole bunch of results. They all sort of worked to help me in achieving the final effect I was looking for.

The first step was cropping the Rabbit out of its background, this was easy using the magic wand tool. After that I used the selection menu to reduce the selected area by 5 pixels as to remove the boarder around the rabbit. After this I created a mask that was the shape of the rabbit excluding the eyes, because I didn’t want to map the snake texture onto the rabbits eyes. After that I spent some time getting the snake image to tile perfectly. Then I applied the mask over the snake scales so they only fit the image, then I set the layer to overlay, this made it kind of wrap around the rabbit. I added some selective blurring as to make the rabbit look a little less cut out! Voilà!

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