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A Reflection In the Mirror of Digital Story Telling

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I found my first week of Digital Story telling to be quite fun.It pushed my creativity like never before! Out of all of the projects I found the Daily creates to be the most interesting, since there was a such a strict time limit.

I think looking back at all of the assignments I have done, the most difficult thing for me was setting up the “story behind the story”. I had no problems actually creating the artwork itself, however when it came to embedding each piece in a compelling way I kept running into problems. At first it seemed as if I was approaching each project without keeping the backstory for each piece in mind. Midway through the week I realized my big mistake and worked very hard to ensure that every one of my completed assignments after that had a the “story behind the story”quality.

The next thing I really want to work on for next week is my writing. I feel as if my writing assignments are not very good. I think having good control over written language is a very important part of being able to express ideas, even in other mediums. As a math and computer science student I really don’t get to do too much writing.

My favorite part about the digital story telling experience thus far is getting to work with all of the Adobe Suite tools again. When I was a child I was really interested in animation. I got my start in programming by writing Flash games, so a lot of things I am getting to do is kind of evoking a lot of nostalgia. Except now this time getting to play around with Photoshop will actually be rewarding! So it feels as if the time I spent learning this stuff wasn’t actually a complete waste (which is really nice).

Overall I think I did a pretty good job this week! Although I could have certainly done a few things better. As I said above the main thing I want to work on is actually creating the sense of a story throughout the entirety of all of my posts. I think this is the most important thing moving forward. Te other thing I think I slacked on was being a part of the community. I left a few comments on other blogs, however It didn’t really feel as if It was helping the community. A part of this I think, stems from the fact that there are only a few blogs listed on our DS106 page, and also it is only the first week. Next week I really want to be a more active part of our DS106 community! In the end I think this first week has been very rewarding and I am really looking forward to next week!

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