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The sky was orange. The water dark. The wooden bridge creaked. I heard the foot steps, I didn’t dare turn around. I couldn’t help but scream…. for ever.

Torture? Screaming for entirety seems like torture to me.. In Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” he captured this very idea:


The human forms in the picture have always fascinated, in that they are human like, but really not that human. I really wondered what it would be like to see it screaming all the way. This assignment was awesome, probably my favorite so far. The painting was the first one that came to my mind!

As for the process of creation of the gif, I used Photoshop. I imported the painting into Photoshop, and then copied it to new layer. Then I used the liquify tool to make the mouth bigger. I did this repeatedly for about 10 frames. Then I imported the frames into timeline. I selected all of them and copied them, and then reversed them to complete the perfect loop!

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