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Four Napkins..

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Fourth of July seems to be rained out I thought to myself as I left my grandparents house today. What I shame! I had been swimming in the pool and having a grand old time, that is until the thunder started. My grandmother was carefully drawing something on a Napkin. She would put it away and return back to it. I couldn’t see what she was drawing, and she didn’t seem like she wanted to share so I quickly stopped worrying about it.

We (my parents and I) ended up leaving early, because we didn’t want to get stuck in the storms. It really was upsetting! I felt bad we were leaving my grandmother at home, it is the first 4th of July since my grandfather died, so she probably isn’t having a good one. I hope she won’t be too lonely tonight!

When I got home we had to make a dash from the car to the house, because it was absolutely pouring. I was soaked by the time I got inside! That’s when I reached into my pocket, and felt something. It was like a crumpled up piece of cloth or something. I pulled it out and it was the napkin! Somehow my grandmother had slipped it in my pocket! Unfortunately the rain had seeped into my pocket, and made the ink on the napkin run. Here it is:

Happy 4th Napkin

That’s when I knew she would have a good fourth of July. She in her own way had reassured me! I love my grandmother! The End.

When I looked at the napkin with a pattern on it the only thing I could see was fireworks, (that’s probably because its the Forth of July). So I grabbed the closest pen to me (a blue Lamy Safari ) and I set to work drawing a flag and the text “Happy 4th of July”, I thought it would be quite fitting with the prompt of today’s daily create. The thing I didn’t think about was how the fountain pen ink would bleed all over the paper. I am used to using really nice paper haha, but it really just gave the napkin the effect of having been soaked in water, and from there the remainder of my story was formed.

A lot of the story was true, like having to leave my grandmother’s house early, and also how my grandfather died last year, and how it was raining, but of course everything to do with the napkin was made up. I do quite like how the ink bled all over the napkin, I think it gave it more character. I tried to keep in some of the ideas of design while I was drawing the flag, but the bleeding of the ink made it almost impossible.

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