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Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple Purple

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Once upon a time there was a collection of big purple buttons. One existed on every single desk in every single room ever. However no one really understood what they did or why they were there. Or even when they came about? The first reference two this mysterious buttons were around 300 BC in the works of the great scribes. They mentioned how only the very brave dared to even touch the buttons, let alone press.

To this day this mentality has persisted. Very few people touch the buttons. Children are taught from a very young age to fear the buttons. In school these buttons are stuck behind plastic enclosures that have locks on them to prevent the curious kids from messing with them.

Rumors spread that every member of the elite of our society had became so through the use of these purple buttons. The simplistic narrative went something like this: “Normal person presses purple button, and then poof they are now elite”. Didn’t make much sense really, but people believed it. There was no documented evidence of anything bad happening to people who pressed the button either. The weird thing was there was no hard evidence that someone had seen someone else press the button. Scientific experiments had been conducted, however all of this results had been classified top purple secret. I don’t even know if the president has the clearance for those experiments.

I was tired. I wanted to know. I pressed the button. At first I felt normally, nothing seemed to be different. I felt a little light headed, but I just attributed this to my nervousness. Then I looked in the mirror… and this looked back at me:


Creating the cartoon version of myself was easy enough. I imported a photo of me into Photoshop and then created a new layer. On that I colored in my skin, then set the layer to be half transparent so then I could “paint” the remaining details of my face. Coming up with a story for the cartoon image was another story (hehe). I just kept thinking back to the Flintstones.. my main question was what were the caveman drawings like? Were they cartoonish? Then my next thought was well what if there was a button that turned people into cartoon figures?

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