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Ink Everywhere

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As a fountain pen enthusiast I have a love hate relationship with ink. However mostly I love it:

Look how pretty that ink is!! Ps check out Goulet Pens, they are seriously the best! And they are located out of Ashland so shipping is fast. Anyway I love ink, especially in fountain pens. With a fountain pen you have the ultimate freedom, you can put what ever color you want in what ever pen you want (This is under the assumption you have a cartridge converter) so you can pull ink from the bottle. My favorite ink company is Noodler’s Ink ! They are USA based brand that makes great quality ink for a really low price. When you open up the ink bottle it is filled all the way to the top, and that really is something awesome!

Chris If you said you love ink so much why did you say you have a love hate relationship with it? Well I hate it when I get it all over my hands. And I mean seriously all over my hands. It doesn’t bother me when I have a little ink on my finger tips, but sometimes when I do something dumb with the pen, like press on the nib, the ink will just pour all over my hands.. That’s the worst. Especially during a final exam.. That has happened, and then you have to just press onwards. However if you get a lot on your hands, your hands start to feel kind of numb. So that’s awful so I don’t recommend pouring ink all over your hands. I wish when I spilled ink on my hands it looked like this:

Ink Ink Ink

However it never does haha.

When reading the requirements for this daily create I was taken aback by how awesome the example looked! I really wish I could draw like that, however I can’t so I had to put my own spin on it. I thought about it for awhile, and I realized I already to get tons of ink on my hands, like.. everyday. So I would want to play off of that!

The ink I used was Noodler’s Bullet Proof Black, when I bought it.. two years ago it was only twelve dollars a bottle. I use that ink almost everyday and I still have a quarter of a bottle, that goes to show how much ink they give you. It really is a great deal! The Pen I used was the Lamy CP1:

I bought it for its understated elegance. I didn’t want my pen to be too conspicuous, however now days I find myself buying more and more fancy pens, although I don’t normally take them out. On that subject this is the prettiest pen I own. However it feels very fragile so I don’t take it anywhere with me.

Anyway back to the art.. The idea here is that it would be interested if the ink on my hands expressed some kind of emotion, however it never does it just ends up covering my hand in huge black spots…..


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