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The Five Elements of the Face

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“Circle, Square, Triangle, Line, and Dot. That’s what they tell you at least, however you don’t need dots, you can just use a short line instead. So we are left with Circle, Square, Triangle, and Line…. We have to minimize to improve the synthesis process. We can’t add infinite detail to every clone we make..”

“But will it look like him? Will it even be my husband anymore?”


“What do you mean enough?”

“Listen you aren’t getting the full package, so there is going to be some minor degradation in quality. I mean you can always upgrade, but that will be another few million”

“Sigh…. Fine”

One week later….

“The process has completed, are you ready to meet your husband?”

“Yes. God help us.”

5 Element Face


I thought he whole idea for this daily create was awesome. What is the minimal amount of structures one needs to employ to be able to actually create a nice drawing? That’s a pretty interesting question. Now course if you can make these structures infinitely small one could construct anything, however unfortunately we are bound by the physical world, so we can’t really do that…

I wanted to attempt to construct a nice looking human face with using only basic shapes, however once I started I thought it would be interesting not only to dissect the drawing into its shapes, but also the human face in to shapes. That’s why there are shadows as if the face is flying apart. I thought it provided an interesting effect.

As far as the story goes, I was always a fan of the movie The 6th Day. It was a lot of fun! In short it was about cloning humans.. I thought it would be interesting to import that idea into this, since the human face had changed form. It seemed to fit nicely, because going back to the basics (i.e the shapes) could be because of the expense of more complicated methods.

As for the creation of this piece I did it all in Photoshop. I used the shape tool to draw each shape on separate layers. The thing I like the least about the image was the hair. I just don’t like how it looks, however I knew I wanted to include the squares there.

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