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Three missed calls…

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I get home same time everyday. No one calls me, never. And why would they? Wouldn’t make much sense if they did. Don’t see the reason they would anyhow. Well tonight was different. My apartment was lit up by an unfamiliar red blinking. Could it be? No it can’t.

I felt the body chill run up my spin, and all the blood drain from my face. I drop my briefcase and run, faster that I thought I could. I look. The answer machine is blinking. Three missed calls. I pick up the phone, I press redial. The number, it couldn’t be. It was 999.

It rings. I had waited to long for this, my whole purpose in life had led me to this point. How? Why? I have none of the answers, but he does.

In the case my embedding fails to work, the direct link to the audio can be found here.

I really liked the idea behind this assignment. The idea is simple create a phone conversation with yourself, but make the other person sound like someone (something?) else. I found the whole idea quite compelling in that, most people have conversations in their heads all the time.

Who better to have a conversation with than the big man himself? Or is it the big man? I don’t know, but that was my overall inspiration with this creation.. I just let the ideas flow, again in a stream of consciousness kind of way.

As for creating the audio it was very easy in Audacity, I would record one side of the conversation using the record button, and it would be on one track, and then I would record the other side on the next track, etc. I applied the change of pitch effect to give “god” a booming voice, and that was about it. I played around with some other effects, but none of them provided the effect I was really looking for!


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