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Tonight was the night, he was finally going to ask for her hand in marriage. Well things didn’t work out, he head over to her place a little earlier than she thought. He heard laughing, and then he heard glasses clinking. She had been unfaithful.

One drink, two drink, three drink.

O-one drink, Hey bartender, one more.

He was gone. Nothing left, his eyes blank, his face blank.

He was the spirit’s puppet now. The spirit was seductive, providing comfort, that was until you fell into it’s trap. From then on he was Haunted with Evil Spirits.

1 2 Many

I had no idea that Ben Franklin had composed a book of synonyms for being drunk.. and for that I thank today’s daily create. After spending a lot of times looking at all different phrases I decided on Haunted with Evil Spirits, because it invoked the most imagery for me. I really like how the phrases spirits in it, since that is another word for alcohol. No thinking about it makes sense that people could associate alcohol with metaphysical spirits, because they do make you alter your thoughts, and also there are numerous physical sensations, so it is as if you are kind of being possessed.

As for the process of creating this drawing, I took my fountain pen, and used Noolder’s Aircorp Blue Black to draw it. I wish I owned a pencil, however I have none, so it is a little hard drawing with just a pen because you really have to think ahead about what you are going to draw, and how lines are going to connect, etc. Overall this was a super fun assignment!


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