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Your friend 2015…

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What happened to Oxford? He used to be such a cool dude. Just the other day I went over his house to visit him, and he wouldn’t stop going on and on, and using these words that I have never even heard before. To be honest I am not even sure if they are words, they were more like collections of sounds entirely devoid of any meaning whatsoever. And everything he said just seemed inappropriate, I mean I don’t know if what he said was, but it sounded like it. He could have just been talking about food, but it didn’t feel that way, it made me feel ashamed of myself.. and I didn’t even do anything! Oxford really has a way with words.. Midway through the conversation I even wrote down some of the things he was saying:

“Want to go photobomb those people sexting?”
“Not at all. How does that even make sense?”
“I bet you hard-code your variables…”
“What are you trying to say?”
“Let’s get over there and twerk till we drop!!”
“Dude, please at least attempt to make sense.”
“Lets go get crowd funded!!”
“I’m done.”

Man I hate neologism..

Today’s daily create got me think of my newly learned GRE words, especially neologism. I attempted to capture the spirit of people using new words, while talking to others who don’t want to adjust to the new words.

I think its very funny that “twerking” is now included in Oxford’s Dictionary, because when one thinks of Oxford (anything oxford) one thinks of fancy English accents (like my Nana has). So in this way I personified Oxford into a once posh English man, who now speaks in slang..?

Stephan Fry ^ once did an interesting piece where he talked about how there is nothing wrong with new words developing, and it isn’t the language being ruined, it is simply progress! I would have to agree with those ideas 100%, no one talks the way they did in the 1600, so of course we are going to see new words developing constantly!

By the way that picture is from the greatest show of all time… BLACKADDER, everyone needs to check that show out, especially since this week is the video week.

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