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(Don’t) Call me Picasso

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This entire semester has taught me a lot and taught me a lot about the strengths and weaknesses I have as a communications and digital studies major….and one thing I have learned is that while I have many strengths, art is not one of them. 

One of this week’s web assignments tasked me to create images using google draw while an online software attempts to guess what I am drawing. 

I have seen a lot of my classmates complete this assignment, and thought it looked like a lot of fun so I wanted to try my own hands at being an artist!
Well turns out I have zero art talent. The picture you see below is actually my 9th attempt at google draw. The first 8 times….I didn’t have google answer a single picture I drew. 

Google art was easy to navigate and a lot of fun…I just apparently cannot draw! However, I still had a lot of fun completing this assignment. This course has been all about pushing me out of my comfort zone, and a simple assignment like this definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone as well! I do not draw at all; even when my friends suggest we play Pictionary I opt to sit out because I am so embarrassed about my drawing skills. However, this assignment presented a fun way to push me out of my comfort zone and to try a new program to create art. 

This week is all about the web. This software revealed to me a lot about aspects of web design. I think it was really interesting how a website like this is able to guess what you are drawing sometimes before you are even done drawing it. It makes me really curious as to how this website was coded or developed, and if there is some secret magic that goes into its ability to guess drawings like a human being! I also really enjoyed the visual web design of the site. The site it a bright yellow and when you draw, it appears as if you are actually drawing with a pencil. It reminds me a lot of a kindergarten or elementary school art class which contributed to the overall tone I think the site was trying to convey. All of these aspects combine to really add to my understanding of what goes into websites, particularly designing and making them! 

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