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Vangogh more like VanNO

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For my first web assignment activity this week I decided to start with a simpler assignment called google draw something. This 2 and a half star assignment asked individuals to go to quick draw with google and participate in an activity where you are given six different items to draw leaving it up to “google” to guess what you ended up creating. Each item is given to you separately and you are allowed 20 seconds each to create an image. As you draw at the bottom you begin to see the computer guess what it is you are drawing.

This ended up being a super fun and creative assignment. Throughout this semester I have seen many of my classmates do this activity so I felt it was only right that I give it a shot. I certainly didn’t want to miss out on the fun and creativity.

The six doodles I was asked to create were; a ladder, headphones, flip flops, ice cream, a scorpion, and roller-skates. Once I finished this quick activity I decided to post finished “master piece” to twitter so all my classmates and followers could see how I am the opposite of Vangogh.

The one challenging thing within this assignment was that I was unaware google would guess what you were drawing as you were drawing it. So initially when I first tried this assignment I got confused as to why it wouldn’t let me finish drawing my item even when I still had a couple seconds left. I came to realize I can be the opposite of smart sometimes and had to start the assignment over to actually complete it and understand it successfully.

Once I better understood what was going on, I found it quite fascinating that google was fairly good at guessing each item I was drawing. The results concluded that google guessed five of my six pictures accurately. I don’t know if this means I’m a good drawer but I will take it. That being said the items that were given to me were mostly easy to draw. They were all something easy enough that I could put together bits and pieces of their parts to somewhat represent them.

I really liked this assignment and would certainly participate in it again due to the fun and joy and it brought me. I had no clue there were platforms or websites out there that have the capability to essentially function as humans and be able to dissect what someone is “outputting”. I found that very fascinating that this site could immediately within basically five seconds guess what I had begun to draw. To be honest I couldn’t even tell you within the first five seconds what I was drawing. While I found this very cool I also find it kind of scary. It made me reflect on robots and how we are starting to create things that are human like without actually being human. Likewise it made me reflect back on coding and entities that rely on heavy data. Overall it was fascinating to see my input something and my computer had the ability to recognize and output it back.

Here’s a better look at the images I created. I took a screen shot of all of my drawings prior to tweeting because I felt they would be better recognized in a bigger image.

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