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  1. Timmy

    More of a Godless perspective

    Too much god for one hour.... Loved the woman's story about her search for god.... as a knowledgeable adult.  Her childhood perspective was all but shattered by the very book that is preached everywhere in America today.  Maybe it is a good thing its so long or more people would get their religous socks knocked ...
  2. Timmy


    Talk about a mid-life crisis.. I would like to pose a statement about the effects of religion on the brain. Both Marti and Sue were odd in comparison to the other members of their sudo families.  I think that since Sue was born from  a family of fundamental christians,  her brain operated in similar ways ...
  3. Timmy

    The Vulnerable Recordings

    All the stories from this episode show a vulnerable side of each person. Vulnerability = Emotion Recordings = Real Reality Radio The only story that any of us should fear on a daily basis is the mom message. I have been the victim of several hilarious ...
  4. Timmy

    if jesus wouldn’t wear it, should you?

    *I do not agree with the statement above. This was not painted by someone famous but I had the urge to break the rules. … and I just realized I didn’t explain. when I saw the westboro baptist people holding those “colorful”(which is an understatement)((but they do use colorful backgrounds)) signs that really leave you ...
  5. Timmy

    Zinn Quote

    Howard Zinn- ‘In graduate school, you get the same historical perspective as in elementary school, except with footnotes’
  6. Timmy


    i was watching minute to win it instead of doing my spanish hw. it was amazing,,, on national television (nbc) a family with two sons (12 -15 maybe) playing a game with pong ball. reminded me of a college party. i think the kids practiced for it (or had prior experience. why is this culturally ...
  7. Timmy

    Testing Testing Testing Randominity

    Just heard story about how moon landing was faked. Apparently a coke can was seen on the “set” of the moon landing and was later edited out. Sounds like subliminal advertising from coke haaha. lets see if this tweet works
  8. Timmy

    A week of 4 creations

    THE FOUR ICON CHALLENGE. TROLL QUOTES ICONIC YOU (can’t wait) WHAT THE FONT Within each of these exercises, I will be one step closer towards enlightenment…if not at least a better grade! The troll quotes exercise reminded me of the artist Banksy, who added his own quotes to about 250 Paris Hilton cd’s. One quote ...
  9. Timmy

    Technically speaking… the first postup

    Spike Lee is one smooth cat. Just watched Do The Right Thing and it was a great hour and 59 minutes. The hottest day in Brooklyn NY as common folk try to get through day alive. Every character displays both a sense of love and hate for the world that they live in. I believe ...
  10. Timmy

    Sorry Miley, but the party’s over.

    I have lived in the small city of Lexington, Virginia for the majority of my life. The town supports two universities on opposite ends of the spectrum, Virginia Military Institute (4 year jail) and Washington and Lee (4 year frat party). I used to detest those drunken fratboys, as they would walk at night through ...
  11. Timmy

    A master of pieces… 5cardflickr

    Five Card Story: The Ending Gate of Enlightenment a Five Card Flickr story created by Timmy flickr photo by krutscjo flickr photo by bionicteaching flickr photo by cogdogblog flickr photo by bionicteaching flickr photo by krutscjo Keys to enlightenment… Find a teacher who accepts you rather than just your money. …But you may be turned ...

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