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  1. @_evanmay_

    Weekly Summary – Week 15

    Final week and final project: done. I can’t believe the semester’s actually over. It’s been a ton of work, but it’s also been a ton of fun. First of all, here’s my advice for future DS106-ers. Hopefully it’s helpful! Then, of course, there was the final project. Final Project Check out...
  2. @_evanmay_

    Advice for Future DS106-ers

    Two major things I want to say about this class: You know when you start the class and hear “don’t wait until the end of the week to start on your work or you won’t finish”? Then you think “oh I’ve put stuff off plenty and I’ve been fine”. Don’t...
  3. @_evanmay_

    Final Project

    Okay so, all of this stuff is definitely just a first draft of sorts for a conworld. Like I mentioned in my first progress report, conworlds and conlangs are projects that are created over months or years, not a couple weeks. Still, here’s the media I managed to get: Design...
  4. @_evanmay_

    UN Venus Flag

    I can’t really use this as one of my media components, since the flag already counts as a visual component, but I felt like posting it anyways. I made this here flag of the UN administration for colonising Venus: It’s pretty basic, but I like it. It’s based on the...
  5. @_evanmay_

    Giant Map Time

    The first thing I made for my final project was this gigantic Venus map: The process for making this was pretty wild. First things first, I found myself a heightmap of Venus: I put this into a really neat program called Wilbur, which can be used to edit heightmaps. I’d...
  6. @_evanmay_

    Final Project Progress Report 2

    I’ve been working hard on the final project over the last few weeks. The biggest thing I’ve gotten (pretty much) done is the map for the world. I’ve also been working on some of the stuff for the conlang(s) I’ll be using in the world. Before I go more in-depth...
  7. @_evanmay_

    Final Project Progress Report 1

    I’ve spent all week trying to figure out something good to do for the final project. I think I’ve finally figured out something I can do. As you might remember from way back in my intro post, I’m a conlanger and worldbuilder. I’m going to put that to use with...
  8. @_evanmay_

    Weekly Summary – Week 11

    I’ve been super bummed out this week because of the election, so work has been super slow-going. Still managed to finish everything pretty much on time. Making the tutorial put me a little past midnight, but only because the stupid program crashed three times while I was trying to save. Anyways,...
  9. @_evanmay_

    Propaganda Poster Tutorial

    Looks like I’m going to be submitting my Weekly Summary a little late this week. I made a video tutorial for the DS106 Propaganda Poster. To be specific, I made a video tutorial for that assignment four times. I used a program called CamStudio to record my screen as I was...
  10. @_evanmay_

    Pink Blurs

    After finishing my first remix assignment, I kept clicking on the random remix button until I got a new one that sounded good. I got this one. Since the assignment wants me to take a picture of something and make it unrecognisable, while the remix card wants me to add...
  11. @_evanmay_

    Pollock Propaganda

    For my first remix assignment, I wanted to use something I’d previously made and remix it. I clicked on the Random button on the remix page until I got an assignment I’d done before. I ended up getting a remixed version of the DS106 Propaganda Poster assignment where I have to...
  12. @_evanmay_


    ★★★★☆ Third and last assignment is one where I have to subtly add something from one movie into a scene from a different movie. A couple years ago when I heard they were making the movie Nightcrawler, I thought it was going to be about the X-Men character Nightcrawler (hint: it...
  13. @_evanmay_


    ★★★★½ Similar to the last assignment I did, I found this movie mashup assignment, where I have to make a movie poster for a mashup movie. Instead of choosing two movies to mash up, I chose a mixture of movies and TV shows. To be specific, I mashed up Star Wars, Star...
  14. @_evanmay_

    Yoshi’s Honor

    ★★★½ First assignment I’m making a post for this week is a video game cover mashup. I wasn’t sure what two games to use, so I decided to ask my girlfriend to give me two absolutely random games with no context. I’m now bound by honour to use those two...
  15. @_evanmay_

    Weekly Summary – Week 10

    Another super busy week for me. This is all getting harder to keep up with as the semester goes on. 1) Daily Creates Did three this week: @ds106dc sol invictus has a bunch of solar-powered powers#tdc1759 #ds106 — Evan May (@_evanmay_) November 1, 2016 I actually have a superhero-based...
  16. @_evanmay_

    Silent Shrek

    ★★★★½ So I saw this assignment and knew I had to try doing it. Unfortunately, Movie Maker isn’t the best at making this appear silent movie-y, but I tried my best. I went onto YouTube and looked around for random scenes from movies that I could possibly use. I ended up...
  17. @_evanmay_

    Morse Spam

    ★★★★★ Didn’t expect to have to use Morse code in a video assignment! With this assignment though, I have to. I headed over to this really cool site to brush up on my Morse code. I could’ve just used a cheat sheet or something, but that site’s more fun. I needed...
  18. @_evanmay_

    Children of Men Video Essay

    While watching the videos from “Every Frame a Painting”, I was reminded of a scene I linked in an earlier response from Children of Men. The shots in this scene feel very painting-y to me, so it popped into mind while watching the series. Here’s my video essay: I’d always really...
  19. @_evanmay_

    Weekly Summary – Week 9

    1) Daily Creates Just two this week! @ds106dc the North Korean Worker's Party Monument in Pyongyang, North Korea. I doubt I'll ever be able to go there#tdc1751 #ds106 — Evan May (@_evanmay_) October 25, 2016 There were only a handful of streetview locations in North Korea, so I did...
  20. @_evanmay_

    Reckless Biker Hits Small Child

    ★★★★½ I’m going to get my money’s worth for that copy of Akira I had to find for that last assignment. I decided to make another video using the movie; to be specific, I’m doing the instant replay assignment. Pretty early in the movie, Tetsuo, Kaneda, and the other members...
  21. @_evanmay_


    ★★★★★ I decided to do the supercut assignment with a movie I like a lot, Akira. Two of the main characters, Tetsuo and Kaneda, call each other’s names a lot during the course of the movie, to the point that it’s become something of a joke amongst people who’ve seen the...
  22. @_evanmay_

    Weekly Summary – Week 8

    This has honestly been the single worst week for this class for me. First, I went camping over Fall Break, so I couldn’t do any of the daily creates from Saturday-Tuesday, so I had to do the ones for Wednesday-Friday. To make things worse, shortly after returning to school after break,...
  23. @_evanmay_

    ds106 News Radio Reaction

    I gotta say I really liked the talk show-style radio shows. I especially liked the way ds106 News Radio was structured. It felt like a real news talk show, with different commentators giving their opinions on various current news stories. There wasn’t a whole in the way of sound effects or...
  24. @_evanmay_

    Which Living God are You?

    ★★★★½ (Elder Scrolls spoilers below, I guess) Last web assignment this week! I decided to make a Buzzfeed personality quiz inspired by my favourite series of all time, the Elder Scrolls (more specifically the third entry, Morrowind). I made a “which member of the Tribunal are you?” quiz. The Tribunal were...
  25. @_evanmay_

    Best of DS106

    If you’d asked me before to name some of my favourite things people have made for this class, I totally could’ve answered it. As soon as I actually had to do it, I blanked. So, I’ve been looking through the feed trying to remember the really good ones. Here’s what...
  26. @_evanmay_

    Hellenic Social Media

    ★★★½ I was looking through the web assignments and found this one, which is surprisingly similar to the topic that my group did for the radio show. I decided to make a profile for Alexander the Great, which can be found here. I’ll also put a screenshot at the end...
  27. @_evanmay_

    Connected Daily Creates

    I was camping over fall break, so I missed the chance to do the daily creates for Saturday-Tuesday, so I ended up having to do the ones for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. After Wednesday’s daily create, I decided to make a story about a really bad poet who thinks they’re...
  28. @_evanmay_

    Weekly Summary – Week 7

    Finishing this week up before 11:50-something! This week was spent pretty much only working on the radio show (and also a couple of daily creates), so there won’t be too much in this post. 1) Daily Creates @ds106dc Joshua Norton is crowned Holy Roman Emperor Norton, abolishes Imperial Diet#tdc1739 #ds106...

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