1. abigaild

    The Darkening Agency Update #4


    Shadow and I have worked together on this case for a couple weeks now. I am proud to announce that we have official apprehended Jack and he is behind bars. The main reason it took us so long to find him was because he was using Jack as an alias. …

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    The Darkening Agency Update #3


    This is our second week working on the case “You don’t know Jack”. We made a video to help explain what has happened so far and what we are planning for the future.

    I think this investigation is going rather smashing so Jack better watch out because eventually we are …

  3. abigaild

    The Darkening Agency Update #1


    Shadow and I have officially read through the whole case file on “You Don’t Know Jack”. We are very excited to crack this thing as soon as possible, and that’s not just because it is cutting into our sleeping time. We have began our search in the ITCC, the intelligence …

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    The video I chose to watch was Albert Hitchcock’s Notorious. I pay a lot of attention to the visual parts of film so that is what I commented mostly on.…

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    End of Week 9


    This week was all about learning how to make videos. Well before we could even start the videos we had to finish the radio shows. The tweet along this week was just as much fun as always but I have to say it was rather confusing. I still love doing …

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    Fluffies video


    The last assignment that I did was called Create A Lyric Video worth 3 stars. This was a really fun assignment. The song I used was What’s up Pussycat by Tom Jones. I have had this song stuck in my head for days cause I was really missing my cats. …

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    Hide and Seek


    The next assignment I did was called 5 Second Film worth 4.5 stars. The task was to make a 5 second video and I did mine about my character Caleb and Chelsea’s character Shadow. I tried to make it funny but it is really hard to make a 5 second …

  8. abigaild

    Christmas in March


    The first assignment that I decided to do was called Countdown To Christmas worth 3 stars. I am the type of person who looks forward to Christmas time and never thinks it is too early to listen to Christmas music. This assignment just made me so happy because I was …

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    How to video!


    Another thing that was asked to do this week is read about videos and watch 3 of the assigned ones. I picked 3 of the youtube videos. The reason I chose them was of course they are rather short but also I love the task of editing video and these …

  10. abigaild

    2 more daily creates


    This week there was 2 daily creates that we had to do. It was a hectic week so I was only able to do the 2 and not anymore. I must say I am still enjoying this assignment and it’s still exciting to see what the next ones are everyday. …

  11. abigaild

    End to a great show


    Looking back on the radio show I still love it. It was so much fun but that does not mean it didn’t come with its fair share of difficulties. The first difficulty was finding a time we could all meet that didn’t conflict with sports or school or work. After …

  12. abigaild

    Tweet tweet again


    This week I did a tweet along with the two shows on Thursday the 19th. Both of the shows confused me greatly but they were rather interesting. The dinner show one had great sound effects. I loved the way the group would scream and it sounded like they were all …

  13. abigaild

    Week 8 finished


    This week there is a ton of posts that were asked to do. Again we were asked to do daily creates. 3 of them to be exact. I liked the video one the best of mine but they were all rather interesting.

    The next thing that was completed was …

  14. abigaild

    90s movie


    I found this picture on someones flicker and loved it. I looked at the daily creates and found the picture that I liked under My different sides. It is called Self portrait by Maxwell Johnson. I love this picture. It is so different than anything I’ve seen by anyone else …

  15. abigaild

    Mobil sign


    Another picture that I chose to add to the inspire page is called Intergalactic Gasoline by Kim. I really liked how it looks so different than everyone else. She did not combine two common logos but rather two completely different ones. I also love how well the logos go together …

  16. abigaild

    Caleb and Shadow forever


    The last assignment that we did was called Make My Day worth 3 stars. Chelsea and I did this one together as an alternative ending to our radio show. This would be as if Shadow and Caleb did not die and they did one more heist together so they could …

  17. abigaild

    Hazel Eye


    Another image that I loved and decided to post up in the inspire page was another daily create. The image was called My Hazel Eye by Janelle Pierangelino. This eye picture looks so interesting. There is shadows around her face that just looks so mysterious. The eye itself looks like …

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    The first inspire that I did was called theramincats by Cathy Finn-Derecki. This was one of the daily creates. What was asked was to make a poster of cats in space. I liked this one the most out of all of them and I had to go back and find …

  19. abigaild

    UMW Ad


    The next assignment that I did was called Cheesy Radio Ad For Your school worth 3.5 stars. This assignment I also did with Chelsea where we used our characters to do the ad. I like how it turned out. It was not difficult to come up with what to say …

  20. abigaild

    Face swaps


    Another assignment I did was called Professor Groom Poster worth 4.5 stars. This was a rather difficult assignment because we were supposed to swap faces and I also added faces of Chelsea and my characters. I like how it turned out in the end. It is the little mermaid. Caleb …

  21. abigaild

    DS106 Angles


    One of the assignments that I did with Chelsea was called DS106 Horror worth 1 star. We decided that we wanted to put the DS106 words in front of our radio show characters. I think it turned out pretty well and makes it look pretty creepy. Our characters are Shadow, …

  22. abigaild

    Maury Radio Show


    The radio show that I listened in on was the one about Maury Show and who murdered who and who was the father. I found it to be very interesting. The way that they explained everything and introduced things after breaks really helped me to understand the show better. Also …

  23. abigaild

    Daily creates!!! Week 8


    This week we were asked to do 3 daily creates. This week I had one daily create that I loved and the rest were just ok to do. The first assignment that I did was on March 11th. It was to make an abstract sketch of something you did last …

  24. abigaild

    Ending of the radio show week


    The first thing that I did this week was my write up about our radio show. I actually enjoyed completing this project and am looking forward to another assignment like this. I really like how the radio show turned out and our group of 3 worked very well together. …

  25. abigaild

    Radio Show progress


    This week was all about doing the radio show. It was so hard to find times to get together as a group but I bet it would be a lot harder if it was more than 3 of us in the group. We decided to meet on Thursday of the …

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    This week we were assigned to do 3 daily creates. The first one I did was on Wednesday the 25th. The assignment was to make a story using 5 emojis. I really enjoyed this assignment because it was fun to have to come up with a a story by looking …

  27. abigaild

    End of week 6


    This week we were asked to start working on our radio show.  I must say that I am actually looking forward to starting to actually make the show and see how it turns out in the end. I really like the poster that my group has for out radio …

  28. abigaild

    Caleb’s Theme


    The assignment I did last was Your Theme Song worth 4 stars about my character. What I chose was dramatic type sounds that I felt fit the image that I could see as being Caleb. I hope you like it.

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    Another assignment that I chose to do was Emotions Through Sound worth 3 stars about my character. What is going in the audio that is playing is that Caleb has came to a house that he heard noise at so when he walks in he sees someone laying on the …

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    The first assignment that I completed was to make a creepy song. This was a really fun assignment to complete actually.  It is called Spooky Sounds and is worth 4 stars.  All I used to create this assignment was music and sounds that I found in mixcraft. I hope y’all …

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