1. @AceInquisitor

    End of Semester Reflection


    Within this class, I learned very well by having to produce smaller content more often throughout the week. It kept me up to date on coursework because I would have reminders to go and do a daily create or go and look up a digital story to look at. I …

  2. @AceInquisitor

    The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling


    Joe Lambert’s “The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling” helps to describe a meaningful process that your story should go through, and also asks a lot of prompting questions that help develop stories as well. The first two steps asked to look at what kind of emotions and insights you were …

  3. @AceInquisitor

    Visual Assignment: Pixel Art


    The assignment I choose was to create pixel art on a canvas of 100 x 100 pixels. I do a lot of art, but never pixel art, so this was a fun challenge. The art is of one of my video game avatars. Took about 3 hours to get done.…

  4. @AceInquisitor

    Response to A Road Travelled


    Many of our readings for our Digital Storytelling class focus on techniques, tools, technology, etc, but this week, our reading was a bit different. It told a story, by the workings of  Joe Lambert. This 3rd chapter in Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community relates how he ended up where …

  5. @AceInquisitor

    Story Critique: Omelette


    For this week’s story, I went to social media to find something short and interesting that I could take a look at. This week, I found an adorable short film simply called Omelette, created by Madeline Sharafian.

    The short animation does not feature many lines, just a couple barks …

  6. @AceInquisitor

    Digital Story Critique: Death is a Quiet Wave


    This week, I put a poll up to take suggestions on a story to look at. While youtubing heartwarming emotional stories is fun for a while, I wanted to see what the people around me believed were great digital stories. This week’s is from Olan Rogers, a famous Youtuber who …

  7. @AceInquisitor

    Passion Creates Mastery: Chapter 7 Response


    In Chapter 7, various social learning theories and their contexts within our 21st century climate are discussed. They talk about two versions of social learning that came before what they are explaining, observational learning and normative goal learning. Both of these combine into the learning type that they explain …

  8. @AceInquisitor

    Audio Assignment


    For the Audio Assignment, I chose the one that asked me to slow down a song by 800%. It becomes this sort of ethereal mess at 800%, but it does sound good. I chose a Taylor Swift song, because I had the mp3 on hand from one of my classes.…

  9. @AceInquisitor

    The Last Bastion: Digital Story Critique


    Blizzard, the multimillion dollar company behind the popular video game World of Warcraft released a new video game this year, titled Overwatch. In this exclusively multiplayer game, teams of six complete objectives while trying to take down the opposing team. Currently, there are 22 playable characters, all with particular backstories, …

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