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    Digital Story Storyboard


    I’ve decided to change the digital story I will create this week. Instead of telling the story of going to the Conference on College Composition and Communication last year, I will tell the story of my thesis project–its evolution, development, process, and (pending) results.

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    Digital Storytelling: Crowdsourcing Experience


    A digital story is more than words, more than images, more than music–a digital story, like TV but in smaller bites, in more interactive bits, more tangible and touchable people–other internet users, just other members of the population of fellow people, all of whom have stories. Storycorps.org has some wonderful …

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    Richard Dawkins, “Net Gain”


    Man, Richard Dawkins hates religion. The sum of this essay is that we are now connected in a way that seemed impossible years ago, and that will seem silly years from now. This interconnection is turning us into a kind-of organism, or is blurring the line between self and society, …

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    Daily Create #4: Zoho.com


    My daily internet go-to is Zoho Mail. I’m an e-mail addict–I check it about every 20 minutes, even though Zoho Mail gets pushed to my iPhone and iPad, and I usually have a tab open so I can see if something comes in. I used to use Outlook through my …

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    Sherry Turkle, “How Computers Change the Way We Think”


    This article suffers from many of the classic flaws in discriminatory and invalidating thinking about computers/the computing generation that I’ve explored in other annotations, but I think some of them are successfully answered by Gardner & Davis and others. Turkle argues that growing up using computers has changed the ways …

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    Howard Gardner and Katie Davis, The App Generation


    I read around in this book, though one day when I have time, I’d like to sit down and read the rest. Overall, I’m not appalled by this, which is more than I can say for most publications about the app/millennial/me/digital/digital native generation. Jeez, I think we should be called …

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    Stephen Ramsay, “Writing as Programming as Writing”


    Ramsay and Rockwell’s animation of a dialogue makes arguments for and against considering computer coding and programming as language/text/writing. Ultimately, I agree with the idea that it is language, because it is communicative (regardless of its constriction), it is governed by rules, and it works through substitution of signifiers for …

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    Leah Price, “You Are What You Read”


    Price takes down the NEA’s report, “to read or not to read,” which draws correlation between readers and those who are fit, active, happy,  kinder, better citizens. However, the report narrows reading to reading for “literary experience,” excluding reading done for school or work, nonfiction, daily reading in labels and …

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