1. amcandre

    Review 1: Analyze the camera work


    I chose a scene from the episode “Night Call” to review. It is the first scene of the episode.  When the scene starts the camera pans from the left side of the room to the right past a rocking chair and then focuses on the woman in the bed. The …

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    Video Assignment Ideas


    I was thinking about doing the video assignment “Advertisement Galore”.

    For this assignment, take different clips of people in movies using something and make an advertisement out of it! Be as creative as possible!


    It seems like it would be a fun assignment to do, incorporating video with text. …

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    Daily Create: 520 Photography

    Make an out of focus photo that is artistic/interesting/evocative


    I used a photo-editing software to change the colors and put the picture out of focus. I also added a scratchy looking filter, as well as a black rounded frame. I think the picture looks more mysterious this way, and …

  4. amcandre

    Week 3 Summary


    At the beginning of Week 3 my radio show group began sharing our emails and ideas for our radio show. By Wednesday, we had divided all parts and on Wednesday, a couple of us met at Mary Washington and recorded our show. Our show was going to be a retelling …

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    Audio Assignments- Music Tag – 3 stars


    One of my favorite type of assignments is audio! Lyrics and songs are great ways to tell stories. Have you notice similar themes extend genres… lyrics overlapping. Your task is to create a story by using audio snippets from songs. The trick is you have to have the last word …

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    Audio Assignments- Audio Dream Stories- 2 stars


    This is a variation off of AudioAssignments70: Sound Effects Story, except the main goal of this assignment is to create a story using only sounds (no words) found on the Internet that tells the story of a dream using audio. Restrictions: use only sounds from freesound.org and a max of …

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    Audio Assignments: Ds106 Radio Commercial- 3 stars


    Create a commercial featuring an item that you have invented that would be extremely useful to your favorite movie or TV Show character. Try to be as creative and abstract as possible. Must include sound effects or background music and be at least 20 seconds in length.

    This is my …

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    Audio Assignments: Teezee Reference- 2 stars


    Find an audio clip from a show or movie outside of the Twilight Zone. See example from the Everybody Loves Raymond episode, “Standard Deviation.”

    I liked this Audio Assignment. I found a Family Guy episode that references the Twilight Zone episode, “Time Enough at Last.” I thought this was a …

  9. amcandre

    Daily Create: 518


    Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes

    I chose the doctor and Janet “the ugly freak” from the Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder”. They probably have pretty good chemistry at this point because the doctor has operated on her so many …

  10. amcandre

    DS106 Radio Show


    On Wednesday, I met with my group and we did the radio show. For our radio show, we recreated the Twilight Zone episode, “Eye of the Beholder”. We changed it by changing some of the lines of the script to make it more modern. I played the part of the …

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    Week 2 Summary


    These are the assignments I completed over the course of last week, I actually completed more than necessary this week and they all can be found on my site. It might be easier to go to the category links on my blog to view them.

    Design Assignments:




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    AnimatedGIF Assignments: Turn A GIF Into A FIG- 4 stars


    Recently, I was exposed to reverse-animated GIFs. I must say, some are hilarious. Find a video clip, or shoot one of yourself, and then make it playback in reverse over and over again as a GIF. Try to find a situation that is absolutely mind-blowing when played backwards.
    Link to …

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    Design Assignments: Create a Read poster- 3 stars


    Since 1985, the American Library Association (ALA) has tried to sell reading books as cool by showing celebrities reading their favorite books. You can read about the history of this promotional campaign here. Experiment with this tradition, introduce a celebrity with a book who hasn’t been recognized yet, but …

  14. amcandre

    Design Assignments: Cartoonize You- 2 stars




    Instead of Cartooning myself, I cartooned the doctor from the episode of the Twilight Zone called “Eye of the Beholder” the assignment was: Remake you (or someone you know and love) into a cartoon character. Draw you on a piece of paper, on a tablet, take a photo …

  15. amcandre

    Design Assignments: Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From?- 3 stars


    Photoshop someone(s) (or something(s)) into a picture that isn’t supposed to be there. Here’s the original inspiration for the project: http://www.zonaeuropa.com/20110629_1.htm

    Link to assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/wait-whered-that-guy-come-from/


    Original photo taken from the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough At Last”. Rod Serling’s head is on the right side of the frame, which …

  16. amcandre

    Design Safari/ Design Elements


    Metaphors/Symbol– I took this picture when I was walking by the river.  This picture is of a family of turtles represents the symbol of “family” and “kinship”. The turtles are very close together in the center of the frame and showcase the unity of their group.

    Balance- I took this …

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    Creative Commons


    CC stands for Creative Commons. Creative Commons is an organization that functions as a non-profit and allows the sharing of copyrighted materials. A creative commons license allows the author of a work to give permission to others to share use or change the original work. This license also protects the …

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    Animated GIF Assignments: StereoGIFs- 1 star


    Back in the 1800s, stereograms were a popular way of creating the optical illusion of depth in a static image by placing two very similar images side by side. they could be viewed using a stereoscope to create the illusion. The New York Public library has an extensive collection of …

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    Audio Assignments: Row Row Polyphony- 3.5 stars


    An imitative polyphony can best be described as when you were younger in music class and the teacher would have one side of the class start singing “row row row your boat” and then part way through the song have the other half of the class start singing from the …

  20. amcandre

    Audio Assignments: Make your own Ringtone — 2 stars


    Using Audacity, trim, join end-to-end (cut/paste), and/or play side-by-side audio files in order to create your very own ringtone. Ringtones should be a maximum or 40 seconds to conserve phone memory (besides, most cell phones don’t ring longer than 30 seconds or so…the extra 10 seconds is just in case). …

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    Audio Assignments: So and So’s Greatest Hits- 3.5 stars


    There are some bands/musicians/artists out there who constantly make solid songs/albums. Using Audacity, pick a band/musician/artists and create a mash-up of what you consider to be some of their greatest hits. It needs to be at least 5 songs (if you can’t find 5, then they might not be as …

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    Audio Assignments : FlickrSounds- 2 stars

    This is a simple mashup that searches Freesounsd and flickr for the same word. It then display the sound and picture. You can reload either until you get an image and sound you like. This can be added to a list, and the exercise repeated. Once you have a set…
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    Daily Create: 508

    Write a story from the point of view of your favorite food, but don’t say what it is. Make us guess.


    I’m not made by just anybody. I’m made and packaged in a factory, then sent out all over the world to make kids to the elderly very happy. …

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