1. @annie_louthan

    Week 1


    The process of making my own domain and setting it up and navigating how to use and post on their was a bit challenging. I am very familiar with twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud, but I have not ever produced a YouTube video or SoundCloud audio so making those two media …

  2. @annie_louthan



    “Let’s just have a good time.” This quote to me symbolized how much Bob Ross really loves what he is doing. He enjoys painting and enjoys teaching others his skills and love for painting, which is very inspiring.

    “On this canvas you have unlimited power. You can do anything here. …

  3. @annie_louthan

    Goals this Semester


    During and throughout this semester I want to expand and strengthen my knowledge of how to use different digital outlets and how to produce different types of media online. I am interested in having my own domain and seeing what goes on behind the scenes for websites and other online …

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