1. @annie_louthan

    Semester Reflection


    The past 14 weeks have flown by. It is Incredible to look back on all we have covered and learned this semester. From first just learning to make a blog too, to having just learning to make a blog to, to having a whole website up and running, to learn …

  2. @annie_louthan

    Week 12


    This week was pretty laid back, As usual I am more fan of the audio assignments and am definitely going this route for my final project. I liked the daily creates a lot this week, they are becoming a highlight of my weekly assignments, most of the time I just …

  3. @annie_louthan

    Week 11


    This week was fairly smooth sailing. Finishing the video episode was not as difficult since we already had a general idea of the plot and we had some scenes already shot. The daily creates this week were fun and each week are getting easier and easier for me to become …

  4. @annie_louthan

    Final Product


    After completing this Episode/Movie assignment, I can firmly say that I was a much bigger fan of the Radio Show than I was of this assignment. Preparing different sets and scenes was much hard then the audio editing we had to complete for the Radio Show. We continued with the …

  5. @annie_louthan

    Week 10


    I had a lot going on for me personally this week and I felt as though the work for this class was a good escape from that. The videos about the movie editing were very eye opening to how movies are made and what makes each individual movie so unique …

  6. @annie_louthan

    Reading Movies


    I have always thought the movie production process was extremely intriguing and at one point in time, I wanted to be the person that choses the soundtracks for movies, because I thought that the music in certain scenes of movies could make or break a movie. After watching these two …

  7. @annie_louthan

    Murder Mystery


    This week I chose to do option one out of the two options we had. I started by asking my Radio Show group members if they would like to be a group again and come put with a video episode idea. They said yes, so Maggie, Jack-Henry and I will …

  8. @annie_louthan

    Radio Show

    Here is Maggie Ellis, Jack-Henry Smith and Annie-Grace Louthan’s take on the ds106 Radio Show assignment. Hope you enjoy.…
  9. @annie_louthan

    Week 8


    This has been my favorite week so far. I enjoy the one big assignment a lot better compared to the multiple little assignments we do in a typical week. The Radio Show was not what I expected to be at all. It was very fun sitting down and filming a …

  10. @annie_louthan

    Radio Show Project Pt. 2


    At first thinking about filming the radio show I thought was going to be super intense and not easy to get the conversation flowing enough to create 30 minutes worth of content. I was proved wrong when my group filmed ours together. We ended up with 37 minutes of content …

  11. @annie_louthan

    Radio Show Progress


    My radio show group met today to get some ideas flowing for our radio show and hopefully get some of our audio assignments done for this week. We landed on a topic to discuss in our radio show and then decided how to split the audio assignments up so we …

  12. @annie_louthan

    Radio Show Design Project


    I created a promotional poster for my upcoming radio show. I believe this poster demonstrates creativity which relates to our class. Conspiracy theories are exceptional interesting and most of them are extremely creative. During my radio show, my group and I will be discussing different conspiracies about 9/11 and our …

  13. @annie_louthan

    Week 6


    This week was pretty easy going, a lot of the assignments were fun and easy to do. I enjoyed the designing aspect of this project. The daily creates are getting easier and easier and I am starting to enjoy them more and more. I think I am finally starting to …

  14. @annie_louthan

    Create a T-shirt


    I chose to do the create a a t-shirt assignment because it was fun to come up with a design that meant something to me and it was fairly easy to create using the website Custom Ink. I came up with this creation by a joke that started with a …

  15. @annie_louthan

    Sports Poster


    This assignment tells a story about me. One of my biggest hobbies is watching basketball and other sports. I am currently the boys basketball manager here at the University of Mary Washington, so I decided to make a flyer for the last home game the team has. This assignment relates …

  16. @annie_louthan

    Wedding Invitation


    This week, I choose to do the Wedding Invitation assignment from the assignment bank because I thought it would be fun to envision and plan out my own wedding. I began this assignment by looking on Pinterest at different wedding boards to see what kinds of styles and aesthetics I …

  17. @annie_louthan

    Sick Beats


    This has been by far my favorite assignment for this class. I really enjoyed the freedom of creativity we had and I have never done anything like this before. I spent ba good chunk of time searching through all of the different sounds of freesound.org After downloading a couple different …

  18. @annie_louthan

    Humming Away


    Let’s start off this post by saying I am a terrible hummer and cannot follow a tune, melody, or anything to save my life. My family and I though play this game where you hum a song and everyone tries to guess it. As you can probably guess by my …

  19. @annie_louthan

    Week 4


    Another week down and a lot more to go. Anybody else feel like this semester is flying by but also going so slow? I feel like the days themselves are flying by but the work and everything is dragging slowly behind. I personally liked the visual assignments more than the …

  20. @annie_louthan

    Photo Blitzer

    The time is 4:50 and these are the photos I am trying to capture in the next 20 minutes In the 20 Minutes, I completed 6/7 of the photo ideas. I had a timer on my phone and therefore the time on here isn’t exactly accurate, but here is my…
  21. @annie_louthan

    Home Video GIF


    As a child watching America’s Funniest Home videos was a common thing for me and my family. So for me to turn one of my own funny home videos into a GIF was a very fun process for me. I have previously created a GIF for this class so I …

  22. @annie_louthan

    Camp Poster


    As a child, I loved summer camps, they were always so exciting and a fun thing to look forward to. As a child, most of the summer camps I went to were field hockey camps, although they were extremely tiring, I always had such a good time. I never went …

  23. @annie_louthan

    We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch


    Meet the Field Hockey Family of Mary Wash! The “We’re The Brady Bunch” assignment in the assignment bank was a no brainer for me to do because I automatically thought of the field hockey team that I am apart of here at Mary Washington and how close we are that …

  24. @annie_louthan

    Silly Movie Poster


    I was inspired to complete this assignment because of a recent Tik Tok trend that I saw. The Tik Tok trend is to take a photo of you and all your friends and give them angel wings, devil horns, funny faces, etc. to describe them and your relationship to them. …

  25. @annie_louthan

    Who Said What


    I chose to do The Who Said What assignment in the assignment bank because as soon as I read ” Secret Agent” I thought of were the Avengers. I decided to use different Avengers as the secret agents in this assignment. The first step to me completing this assignment was …

  26. @annie_louthan

    Sharing Credit


    I chose the Sharing Credit assignment (4 stars) in the assignment bank because my friend Maggie is in the class and I thought it would be interesting to see what we could come up with together through a string of emails. I think our story is pretty interesting, but let …

  27. @annie_louthan

    week 3


    Week three has been my favorite week so far in this class. I really liked how we dove into one particular focus, such as the writing assignments. For me the writing assignments had a lot to do with me reflecting on my past and reflecting on decisions I have previously …

  28. @annie_louthan

    All about stories


    I chose to read The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narrative w/ New Media. Throughout this chapter it was describing all the different ways you can define what a story is. One of the definitions that stuck out to me was “a story is the narrative of an event, crafted in …

  29. @annie_louthan

    Outline of A Long-Form Story


    main question: Why adoption is important?

    main points:

    Adoption is how I got my best friend and little sister See stories of why people adopt Research about why more people need to adopt interview how adoption has changed peoples lives

    ideas to address:

    my little sister is adopted and I …

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