1. aquariusawake



    It’s a new year and I’ve decided to revisit my blog in attempts to actually turn it into something. I’m turning 32 in a week (OHMYGOD) and as such, I’m starting to think more (read: panic) about my general health. This is leading me down a few roads that I’m …

  2. aquariusawake

    Apartment Gardening


    I love having plants around me. Since my boyfriend and I moved into an apartment last December, I’ve missed having plants and trees in our living room. This past weekend, we took a trip to Humber Nurseries┬áto look for flower boxes that I wanted to buy for our balcony. …

  3. aquariusawake

    So fresh and so clean!


    Spring cleaning is for more than the home! I’ve decided to start a new blog after abandoning my old one due to technical difficulties.

    I’ll be posting reviews on products, recipes, music, art.. basically anything I’m thinking about or experiencing at the time. Welcome :)

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