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  1. awassenb

    Week15 & Finals Summary

    I can hardly believe that I am almost done with DS106! This semester has been filled with many interesting, eye-opening and educational opportunities that I don’t think I would’ve had in any other class at Mary Washington. DS106 truly is a unique Digital Storytelling/Social Media class. I’ve learned about countless tools for visual/audio/video editing, as […]
  2. awassenb

    Google History Maps Story- Tutorial

    Here is my tutorial on how to complete the assignment Google History Maps Story: Go to Google Maps. The page should look like this:  Go to Menu—My Maps–Create Map:  At this point, you can title your map what you please and give it a description. Add locations to your map, documenting the life of the person […]
  3. awassenb

    Tattoos 4Life- Tutorial

    Although there other tutorials exist for the assignment, I found another way for someone to complete this. Many people like to know what their tattoo will look like before even entering the tattoo parlor, so I googled around and found a Tattoo Font Generator online. It’s completely free and very user-friendly. Go to Tattoo Font […]
  4. awassenb

    Final Project: The Little Gingerbread Man [Remixed]

    Once upon a time, there was a little old couple who lived in a cabin in the woods near a rocky, quick-flowing river. The little old woman asked her husband what he would like for dinner that night, and he was feeling exceptionally festive. They decided to celebrate Christmas early by making holiday treats and […]
  5. awassenb

    Weekly Summary 13 & 14

    These past 2 weeks in DS106, we have been working on Remix/Mashup assignments. Many of the things created combined and manipulated already generated content and material, asking us to further transform these things in order to tell a new story. I really enjoyed many of these assignments. They allowed us to utilized other techniques we’ve […]
  6. awassenb

    Holiday Mashup

    For my final Mashup Assignment this week, I decided to create and complete my own assignment called Holiday Mashup worth 3 stars! I wasn’t feeling super enthusiastic about any of the other assignments. With the holiday season coming up, I am feeling very enthusiastic about Thanksgiving and Christmas though! I decided it would be great […]
  7. awassenb


    For my second Mashup Assignment, I completed Twittr for 2.5 stars. The goal of this assignment is to combine two or more of your favorite websites using a Photoshop software. You want to try and be creative, giving the site a new name while also maintaining some of the elements of each site. I decided to […]
  8. awassenb

    My Favorite Friends and their Emoji Twins

    For my first Mashup Assignment this week, I decided to complete Mashing Friends and Emojis for 3.5 stars! I was very excited for this assignment, and I am obsessed with emojis and using them in all forms of texting conversation. The express your feelings in a unique way that words cannot do on their own. […]
  9. awassenb

    Emo Love Poem- E.E. Cummings

    For my remix assignment this week in DS106, I was randomly generated and assigned Poetry Art [Remixed]: Go Emo. The original assignment asks you to take a favorite poem and create a poster for it using photo editing software. The remix then tells you to remix the assignment with a dark/emo theme, using black colors […]
  10. awassenb

    Weekly Summary 11 & 12

    This week I completed many different Video Storytelling assignments. I feel that after these past two weeks, I’ve gained a better understanding of video producing and editing in order to tell a compelling story. I won’t say that video storytelling is my favorite, but it’s definitely been one of the more enjoyable weeks of the […]
  11. awassenb

    Name that Book!

    For one of my last video assignments over these two weeks, I decided to complete Name that Book! I was very excited about this one, being an English major and lover of books. Now I finally had the chance to title my very own book, that maybe I could possibly write you sense my […]
  12. awassenb

    Another Pug Post?- Moving Object

    Yes, I know, another pug post. But all for a good cause: spreading the love and joy of puggies all over the internet for the whole world to see! For another of my video assignments this week I decided to do Moving Object for 3.5 stars. This assignment asks you to make a video of an […]
  13. awassenb

    A Christmas Pug Miracle!

    Another of the video assignments I completed this week was What Do You Love? for 3.5 stars. {Choose something that you love and make a video of it! You can take pictures or videos and combine them into one final video. Try to find music that has to do with the thing you love and add […]
  14. awassenb

    Signing Words

    For one of my first video assignments for Weeks 10 & 11, I completed Signing Words for 4.5 stars. {This assignment requires you to take a video of yourself or someone else and finger spell a word or a phrase in Sign Language alphabet and let others guess what you have spelled. Make sure you […]
  15. awassenb

    Weekly Summary- Ten

    Overall, I really enjoyed this week! I wasn’t sure what to think of Video Storytelling, but I found it to be so interesting given that it’s a combination of a lot of the techniques we’ve learned throughout this semester. I was able to employ some of my new-found knowledge about both audio and visual storytelling. […]
  16. awassenb

    Dramatic Chipmunk and Pugs- The Hitch Cut

    For my second video assignment this week, I decided to complete Do The Hitch Cut for 4 stars. [Alfred Hitchcock, the legendary master of suspense, shares a brief 90-second lesson on how a simple change in a three-shot edit can result in evoking a completely different response from the viewing audience.Can you do the Hitch […]
  17. awassenb

    Punkin Adventures- October 30, 2015

    For my first video assignment of the week I decided to complete Selfie Story. [Narrate a story using selfies. It can be any story you’d like (crazy night out, movie night with friends, just the average day, etc). You can use a combination of selfie clips or pictures, it is all up to you. Create […]
  18. awassenb

    Cinema Techniques

    In order to gain a further understanding of some cinematic techniques in film, I viewed three other videos going deeper into some of these specific techniques. The videos will be embedded below with short descriptions on the techniques discussed or shown. Kubrick // One-Point Perspective– This video shows the art of the one-point perspective in […]
  19. awassenb

    Reflection on Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”

    In the article “How to Read a Movie,” Roger Ebert gives a brief discussion on the various rules of thumb used in movie and video production. Many of these he states are not absolutes to be followed in film production and review, but rather “tendencies” that nearly ever producer and culture adhere to in the […]
  20. awassenb

    Weekly Summary: Nine

    This week was all about Web Assignments. Before now, I had never thought how creating and altering web pages could be a form of digital storytelling. I now see how this can be a great tool in telling digital stories through editing HTML, as well as utilizing social media to create characters which tell their […]
  21. awassenb

    Mandaalynnn the Eagle

    For my final Web Assignment of the week, I am completing the required assignment Storytelling Within The Web: From the Spring 2011 ds106 class came the idea of changing up an existing web page to tell a new story” you will be intervening in the code and design of a website of your choice to […]
  22. awassenb

    Radio Show Reviews

    This week we had to review another group’s radio show, as well as our own. We were asked to evaluate them according to audio sound and editing quality, use of sound effects and music and the show’s structure and story. I had the chance to listen to and evaluate Wacky History which gave several informational […]
  23. awassenb

    The Google Maps History of Anne Frank

    For my second Web Assignment of the week, I decided to complete Google History Maps Story for 3 stars. This assignment asks you to tell the story of a literary or historical figure through Google Maps. The map itself, from its locations and directions should tell the story of the person/character you are talking about. It’s […]
  24. awassenb

    My Happy Place

    “Like an evil twin or a twisted pair, happy places can have an ugly underside.” As a college student, we all inevitable have to deal with hours upon hours of homework. Whether you actually complete this work or not is another issue, but we are all faced with the decision and time commitment involved with […]
  25. awassenb

    My Digital Trip to Australia

    For my first web assignment this week, I decided to complete Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest! Super fun and exciting since I’m already an active user/participant in the Pinterest world. With PInterest, you can create boards on your profile for common topics/themes such as food, crafts, vacations, etc. Then you search through the search […]
  26. awassenb

    Weekly Summary: Seven & Eight

    Audio Assignments Radio Show Bumper Radio Show Commercial A Life in Two Minutes- A Proposal! (2.5 stars) Love Me Like You Do (Slow-Mo) (3.5 stars) Daily Creates Lasts– A picture taken to represent what I’ll me missing now that Summer has left and Fall is here! No more sunny walks with my pug. Now we have to […]
  27. awassenb

    Love Me Like You Do (Slow-Mo)

    For my final audio assignment of the week, I decided to complete Make it 800% Slower. This assignment asks you to find a song and experiment with the tempo, making the song an ambient piece of music. I chose Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and used Audacity to edit it. Below is my […]

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