1. Jonathan Copeland

    My Favorite Movie


    One of my favorite movies ever is The Dark Knight. I know it hasn’t been out for that long and some people would be hesitant to call it a classic, but i believe it will be considered one if it hasn’t already. I think it exemplifies what a movie should …

  2. Jonathan Copeland

    Song Story


    Assignment: My memories fade over time, but sometimes there is a song that can take me back to a place that revives the memories of my past. The song allows me to remember things I thought I had forgotten. So, for an assignment, pick a song that does that for …

  3. Jonathan Copeland

    Minimalize Your Philosophy


    Assignment:Pick your favorite quote OR make up your own phrase which describes a philosophy that you try to live by. It can be about love, friendship, family, education, culture, health, charity, etc. Design a minimalist poster depicting the concept. Extra challenge: Try to include a unique element that makes it …

  4. Jonathan Copeland

    DS106 Propaganda Poster


    Assignment:Time to let out your inner Big Brother! Create a propaganda poster for ds106. Use your photo editing software of choice and write a message to inspire your fellow ds106ers. For this assignment i took one of the most influential propaganda posters during WW2 and made it about blogging. …

  5. Jonathan Copeland

    Cartoon You


    Assignment: Remake you (or someone you know and love) into a cartoon character. Draw you on a piece of paper, on a tablet, take a photo and use software to convert it to comic book style, or use online programs to create a cartoon version of your character. Extra bonus …

  6. Jonathan Copeland

    Cartoon The Head


    Assignment:Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. Be creative! For this assignment I pasted the head of Aang, the main character from the show “The Last Airbender” onto President Obama’s body.…

  7. Jonathan Copeland

    DS 106 The Movie


    Assignment: Take a movie poster and change it to depict a movie about DS106. It’s sort of like the DS106 propaganda poster, but this time, it’s DS106, the movie!! I chose the 40 year old virgin movie poster because its very funny. I edited the photo in Photoshop. I used …

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