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    Weekly Update


    Got my mixup assignments done, the daily creates are on my twitter(bigwilly9001) and I created a tutorial for the 6 second video assignment. This was a good week…

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    Assignment tutorial


    This is a tutorial for the “6 second art” video assignment.

    The first step is to record your video, just pick something fun and record yourself doing it. Length isn’t a huge deal, we’re going to speed it up next, but I wouldn’t make it longer than a minute or …

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    Weekly update


    Lets see, this week I did two daily creates(https://twitter.com/BigWillyM9001), and I did the comments for kids assignment. Good lord but this was a tough one, I wanted my comments to mean something, so I searched for blogs that had posts within the last week. Turns out, thats only about 10% …

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    Week 9


    These last couple weeks have been crazy busy for me, and I wasn’t able to listen to the radio show when it actually aired. Thanks to Dr. Genereux for uploading the show to his soundcloud so I could listen when I had time.

    Overall I really liked the show, made …

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    Week 8


    So we got everything recorded finally, I think it went great, everyone sounded good, and I know I had fun doing it. I didn’t get to listen to the live show because I had work, but my professor uploaded a copy to his soundcloud, and I’ll give that a listen …

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    Weekly Summary 7


    Well this week was kinda crazy. One of my roommates screwed up while washing clothes and flooded the basement, and I had to work til 10 almost every night. As for digital media stuff, the group google doc started out a total mess(and got worse from there), and it took …

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    To be honest, I don’t expect or even want feedback on my own work, at least not from people I don’t even know, so that’s why I comment so little on others work. I’m just not a social guy, online or in the real world, and social media is a …

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    Weekly update 6


    Took me forever to get into the admin area of this site, I forgot the admin url. Finally did, though. Got my designblitz posted, I’d saved it as a draft instead of posting it. My daily creates are on my twitter(@BigWillyM9001) and all my design assignments are below!…

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    I never had Digital Media 1, so my understanding of the design elements is a little rough. Here’s my take on  a few elements.

    This is my hat that I’m required to wear for work(in the meat dept. at Dillons). If you look, you’ll notice the whit discoloration on the …

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    Motivational Poster


    With the country like it is, I may just move north. For this one, it’s pretty easy to find a motivational poster generator(I used http://diy.despair.com/)

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    Triple rocktroll lyrics


    This one was fun. On the website, their example was a picture of nickleback, which made me the of their song “we all wanna be big rock stars”. I figured putting that on a picture of Elvis and attributing it to Bob Dylan would be pretty fun(and I was right). …

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    Movie quote design assignment


    For my quote, I chose the classic one from Back to the Future, “we don’t need roads”, as those movies are probably my favorite. This one was pretty simple, just download a picture and slap on a quote. The hardest part was getting the text to show up on the …

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    Weekly update 5


    Sitting here on my computer and I just realized I totally forgot to do the update for week 5. I think I got all the work done though, all three daily creates, all the assigned audio assinments, etc. Links for all that stuff are below. I really liked this week, …

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    Radio show ideas


    Well a good one that’s on my mind right now would be copyright infringement, and how my content got blocked from soundcloud just because it sounded similar to a song I’ve never even heard of. Other topics….. how about everyone’s favorite candy, and how they’re wrong because it’s not reeces? …

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    Sound effect story


    So, I had a nice little story all done up, and soundcloud automatically removed it, claiming it was copyrite infringement. It’s under review now, and should be up as soon as they approve it(I took all the sounds from freesound.org so there shouldn’t be a problem). I’ll post it when …

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    Week 4 summary


    Lets see, I did 3 daily creates this week (all on my twitter, https://twitter.com/BigWillyM9001), did a lot of reading of various things, a couple of visual assignments(below), and I went out to Indian rock and took some photos that I think turned out pretty good(also below). Overall I think this …

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    Photos around Indian Rock


    I went out with a buddy of mine, and we snapped a bunch of pictures of just random things around Indian Rock(I can neither confirm nor deny that he took most of the pictures, having a better eye for that than me).

    Here are a few that I liked the …

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    Movie Barcode of Inside Out


    Boy, this one was a pain, no wonder it was 5 stars. Took me forever to figure out how to extract the frames from the movie, but you can check out the end result on my twitter: https://twitter.com/BigWillyM9001…

  19. @BigWillyM9001

    Jim Richardson


    I wasn’t in the visual literacy class, so I have no idea about elements of design or anything, but his photos of places and landscaps are very desolate and often shadowed/dark, while his photos of people are just of them happy and going about their daily lives.


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