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    Am I still an edu-blogger?


    Identity Crisis Much? shared CC by bxho

    I work at a university. I feel truly fortunate to have such a rewarding and stimulating job. I get blissfully lost thinking about the interconnections between knowledge, ignorance, media, culture, power and freedom at all sorts of inappropriate times. I believe that how …

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    untitled shared CC by Foxtongue

    Gaston Gordillo goes deep:

    The Vancouver riots were a moment of rupture of the sanitized image that our local elites cultivate about Vancouver The Beautiful as a global brand. The corporate media lost control of the huge collective energies it contributed to releasing on …

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    I’m one of many people having a blast listening to and helping to program Radio ds106 (widget on the sidebar)… While at first glance it is something that seems superfluous and even gratuitous (“…a course with its own radio station?”) its provided a fun means for people to collaborate in …

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    Great Animated GIFs of Science


    This little looping movie of a sinuous nematode seems nearly the perfect marriage of format and subject: the winking, primitive, robust genre of the animated GIF; an ancient, simple, vermiform specimen of multicellular life. It’s as if C. elegans had swum down through the aeons to intersect with an image-making …

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    In a gif-fy


    A few more animated gifs (below the jump)… these ones made using a combination of – MPEG Streamclip and ImageJ applications, a couple great freeware tools via Grant that have both proven to be very useful. I still haven’t figured out how to use Gimp – maybe somebody else in …

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