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    About Me


    First and foremost, I’m an English major. Go ahead, pity me. “First I’d like to thank alcohol, coffee, and reading glasses.” I’m also a Digital Studies minor because my adviser recommended it to me, I had no idea what it was or what I was getting myself into, and now …

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    Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able


    Wesch touches on a lot of very familiar aspects of the web. It is oftentimes unfathomable the power one has at his or her fingertips with access to the internet. The most striking part of his talk was the portion in which he discussed the “social imagination.” The segment about …

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    Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure


    Campbell presents an interesting perspective on the progression of web utility in higher education. He suggests that the progress itself is very subjective, and barely beginning. In both his paper and his talk, a reoccurring theme is his belief that “the medium is the message,” and I couldn’t agree more. …

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    ds106zone LoDown 001


    Scott Lockman’s first podcast was more of a simple introduction for the following installments. He calls it a “work in progress,” and I am excited to learn and discover via podcast. He has a clear and engaging voice; he’s very easy to follow. He suggests that students might later experiment …

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    Week 2 Summary


    Show mommy how the little piggies eat!

    A Christmas Story is my favorite piece of cinematic art, hands down. And fork down, face down, meatloaf masquerade. I can’t get enough of it, and TBS gets me. I decided to create an online account for gifs so I could capture this …

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    Digital Identity Analysis


    Previously, what little digital identity I could claim was fairly reserved and private. I’ve had a Facebook for several years, and my privacy settings are tight. I have a Tumblr under an impersonal screen name, and I have never posted any personal or even original text or images on it; …

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    Week 1 Summary


    Phew! This got a little complicated because I had to create a blog for another digital studies class, and registering this site for both classes was confusing. That being said, setting up the site itself and the subsequent social media accounts was fun! It definitely takes focus and patience to …

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