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  1. Bryan Alexander

    On Cowbird

    Transom has a nice piece explaining Cowbird. It’s a good introduction.  The article also gives us a good sense of how far Cowbird has come.  Now it has a library.  Now it’s a multimedia storytelling first-step tool.
  2. Bryan Alexander

    Behind Pine Point

    The creators of the excellent Welcome to Pine Point digital story have shared their thoughts about the process of creating it.  Fascinating stuff, from the emphasis on linearity to their love of sound. If you haven’t read/watched/listened to Pine Point, do so … Continue reading
  3. Bryan Alexander

    The story glove

    Here’s a new take on multilinear digital storytelling: a glove which lets users feel their way through a narrative. Audio content is primary, along with the physical objects.
  4. Bryan Alexander

    A family food story

    Here’s a fine story about food, memory, and family: Josef, by Brad Johnson. A fine example, too, of the classic Center for Digital Storytelling form.  Autobiographical, emotionally charged and complex, nicely written. (via the CDS Facebook site...

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