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  1. @ceejay_97

    Social Media Essay.

    How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life? Introduction In this essay, the discussion of the ways that social media is contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday will be discussed in ways that have affected lives and have not affected lives. At the […]
  2. @ceejay_97

    Giffing Revenge

    Finally, to end this assignment, the next task from the ds106 bank within the animated gif assignment was to create an animated gif from a television show that uses subtitles to tell the story. For this task, I had decided to go with my favourite tv show ‘Power’  and turn it into a gif. The reason […]
  3. @ceejay_97

    Guess them songs

    For this assignment in the ds106 bank, I had moved onto the mashup category. This task required me to mix some songs together and have the person listening to it guess what the song is. This assignment I enjoyed and got carried away because when I was looking for the songs to use on youtube I kept on […]
  4. @ceejay_97


    To begin this task I had chosen an assignment from the video assignment section within the ds106 bank.  The one I had chosen to tackle is creating a musicless video which invlolves adding some sound effects to the video. This assignment was very entertaining to complete and I had a lot of fun searching for sound effects […]
  5. @ceejay_97

    Quick draw… more like slow draw!??

    For this assignment within the ds106 bank I had moved onto the web part of this assignment. The one I had chosen to do to is the google draw something because it looked fun and provided me with entertainment (who doesn’t want to play a game for part of their coursework!!).  Normally with drawing games, I’m […]
  6. @ceejay_97


    This time around in the ds106 assignment bank I had to do an audio assignment. The one I have chosen to do is to create a place by just using sound. So to begin this assignment I wrote down a bunch of ideas that I could possibly create with just sound. One of these ideas was creating […]
  7. @ceejay_97

    The Green Arrow Banner

    You have failed this city……. Green arrow has to be one of my favourite superhero tv shows as it has everything a tv show needs to have to catch my attention such as fight scenes, romantic scenes (who doesn’t like a good old romantic comedy)  and major plot twits that leave you excited to watch […]
  8. @ceejay_97

    Photobombed…? (Unit 5)

    This is my attempt at doing the Forest Gump assignment in the #DS106 assignment bank. This involved me finding a historic photo and editing myself into it. I think this photo is great because the two guys at the back just seem that they are not interested in the photo that is being taken. The […]
  9. @ceejay_97

    Unit 2 – Animated GIF

    To make this animated gif I simply went onto youtube and found a scene from my favourite tv show ‘Power’ and copied that link, then went onto and inserted my link into where it says the enter the Youtube URL (see screenshot below) and  just edited the part and wanted and pressed convert. It is as […]
  10. @ceejay_97

    Daily create- #tdc2128- Earth Picker

    I feel like a robot repeating myself with how fun these daily creates that I do are but genuinely it was fun to do. I’ve never done this before which is surprising considering how many times I’ve been onto google maps looking at other cities in the world. As you can see by the screen […]
  11. @ceejay_97

    #tdc2130- Illustrate the Idiom

    Illustrate the idiom… ‘Blind as a bat’ This one was very funny to do, so many ideas of images to search for such as ‘sick as a dog’, ‘cold as ice’. The responses to this daily create were brilliant, creative and laughable. We’ve all been to get our eyesight tested once in our lifetime and […]
  12. @ceejay_97

    #tdc2119- Daily create

    This daily create was fun to do, especially looking at other people’s responses to this create. The aim was to accidentally search something into google and end up not being disappointed. I wanted a picture of someone waving and typed into google ‘wave’ and got this beauty of a wave. Seeing this wave is making […]
  13. @ceejay_97

    End of Unit 1

    I’ve come to the end of unit one and tackling daily creates is a lot more interesting than I first thought especially because it sparks a creative side within you, even though I have not completed all the daily creates, I still check them out regularly and look at other people’s responses and it surprises […]

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