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  1. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Archived Blog

    Even though the Summer of Oblivion has ended DS106 lives on. I will hopefully continue to keep up with my blog… just not necessarily on this site. My blog has been archived and can found here:
  2. Chelsea Tufarolo



    These five weeks have gone by so fast! This has been one of the best courses I’ve even taken and I’m sad to see it come to end. I think my creative skill set, as well as my ability to speak into the camera, have dramatically improved since this course began. Thank you to everyone ...

  3. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Move Trailer Mashup, Take Two


    After receiving feedback from Jim Groom I decided to the ‚ÄúMovie Trailer Mashup‚ÄĚ assignment again. I recut the second half of the trailer and added new audio and images to make it more creepy. This time, I used the trailer “The Ring 2″ in addition to ‚ÄúThe Runaway Bride” and “The Ring.” Once again, I ...

  4. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Movie Trailer Mashup


    For my second video assignment I chose “Movie Trailer Mashup.” I wanted to make a mashup of a romantic comedy and a scary movie so I combined the trailers for “The Runaway Bride” and “The Ring“. I used the Fastest Free YouTube Downloader to download the videos and then used iMovie to edit them.


  5. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Digital Story Compilation


    I chose “Digital Story Compilation” for my first video assignment. I used iMovie which easy to work with, especially compared to other video editing programs I’ve worked with in the past. This assignment was fun because it put into perspective how much work we’ve done over these five weeks.

    Song credit: “Petit ...

  6. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Harry Potter Facebook


    This assignment was so frustrating but I’m glad I finally figured out everything out. My second attempt was initially discouraging because my text editor would not agree with me. I ended up having to download TextWrangler because every time I pasted my HTML into TextEdit the program would try to render the code instead of ...

  7. Chelsea Tufarolo



    I’m an idiot and didn’t save my work and lost my entire assignment when I refreshed the page. I made a Facebook profile for Harry Potter because I’m a nerd and have been thinking about nothing but the premiere. I was so happy with what I did and I can’t believe I didn’t save! I’m ...

  8. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Sound Button Book


    To finish off the audio portion I decided to try the “Audio Book” assignment. For this I had to record myself reading a book and then add sound effects. The book I chose was “Are You My Mother?” by P.D. Eastman.

    This assignment reminded me of the interactive books with the sound buttons my parents ...

  9. Chelsea Tufarolo

    The Rescue


    Here is my Sound Effects Story Audio Assignment. My story is called “The Rescue” and like many other ds106-ers I decided to set my story at the beach. I’m not going describe it in great detail because you can just listen and find out for yourself!

    The Rescue by chellytufy

    The sound effects came ...

  10. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Auf Deutsch


    I chose”Make’em Laugh!” for one of my audio assignments. I decided to tell a joke in German because it’s the only foreign language with which I have any familiarity. I wanted to find some stereotypical German music to play in the background so I looked on The song I chose is “Deutsches Essen,” and ...

  11. Chelsea Tufarolo

    What the eleFont?

    For my final design assignment I chose “What the Font?” and made a picture using typographic elements. The fonts I used for this assignment were “Abadi MT Condensed Light,” “Brush Script Std” and “BlairMdITC TT...
  12. Chelsea Tufarolo

    I Can Read Up


    For my third design assignment I chose “I Can Read Movies.” For this assignment we had to create a book cover based off of a film using the examples found here. I decided to make a book cover based on the movie “Up.”

    I started with a black background then added text and ...

  13. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Minimalist Inception


    For my second Design Assignment I chose “Minimalist TV/Movie Poster.” I decided to make a poster for “Inception.”

    I started with a solid gray background and used “Inception Font” for the film’s title. I then added some extra text using “SF Movie Poster” to make the image look more like a movie poster. For ...

  14. Chelsea Tufarolo

    The Last of the Daily Shoots


    Thursday, June 30th For Daily Shoot #592 we were asked, “What’s the first thing you think about when you see the word “Deadline?” and then told to “make a photograph of illustrating that thought.” My parents recently had a conversation with my younger sister regarding the various responsibilities of adulthood. They basically explained to her ...

  15. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Rolling in the Deep


    For my first Design Assignment I chose “The Big Hip Hop.” My photo came from an article on The Big Picture website entitled “Arizona wildfire rages on.” Recently I have found I cannot go anywhere without hearing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” It seriously seems to always be playing on multiple radio stations. The opening ...

  16. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Coke or Pepsi?

    The prompt for Daily Shoot #591 was “Illustrate choice in a photograph today. Be obvious or subtle. Your, ahem, choice.” I decided to photograph the two most popular and competitive cola brands.
  17. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Daily Shoot Negligence


    Ahhhhh I’m such a slacker. It’s been a week since I’ve blogged about my experiences with the Daily Shoot. How is that possible?

    Thursday, June 23rd On this day we were encouraged to “work the angles” and provide “a unique perspective on an otherwise ordinary scene” for Daily Shoot #585. After reminiscing about MySpace angles ...

  18. Chelsea Tufarolo



    Kirby Ferguson’s “Everything is a Remix Part 3” video was really interesting and put into perspective the fact there are no ideas that are truly original. Famous men such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison who are known for their technological contributions cannot take credit for coming up with the original ideas.

    Many successful ...

  19. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Uncomfortable Creativity


    I really appreciate several of the points Tim Owns brought up in his discussion “We Are All Artists.” One of the topics was “we are more creative when we are uncomfortable,” so I thought it would only be appropriate for me to venture out of my comfort zone and make a video response. My response ...

  20. Chelsea Tufarolo

    What’s in a Name?


    For my fourth Visual Assignment I decided to find the letters of my first name in my environment. Before working on this assignment I never realized how many things in my environment I could pull letters from. Around my house I was about to find all the letters I needed more than once; this ...

  21. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Album Cover


    For my third Visual Assignment I created an album cover using a randomly generated quote, Flickr photo and Wikipedia article. The randomly generated Wikipedia article was on Whitlash, Montana. The name of this article, Whitlash, then became the title of my fictional band. The last item on the randomly generated quote page was a quote ...

  22. Chelsea Tufarolo

    Averaging Concepts


    I chose “Averaging Concepts using Flickr” for my second Visual Assignment. As the title suggests, I had to take images from Flickr and then average them together using Photoshop. I completed the assignment using this tutorial. I didn’t have either of the referenced programs so I had to download Bulkr and a free 30-day trial ...

  23. Chelsea Tufarolo

    iTunes Playlist


    For my first Visual Assignment I chose “Stories Written In Windows Media Player.” I don’t have Windows Media Player so I used iTunes instead. I was going to avoid being clich√© and not write about love but, considering the majority of songs are about relationships, it was impossible to avoid. So here’s the short narrative ...

  24. Chelsea Tufarolo



    You don’t want to know how much time I’ve spent messing with the appearance of my blog. The process I went through to acquire my current theme was reminiscent of when I used to have a Xanga account in middle school. I used to take layout templates from various sites and manipulate the HTML in ...

  25. Chelsea Tufarolo

    My Family is Weird


    Today’s Daily Shoot prompt was “Make a photo of a pair of subjects today. People or inanimate objects are both fair game!” I decided to incorporate both options by photographing inanimate people. After taking this photo it occurred to me how weird it is my parents own a dancing hula girl lawn ornament when we ...

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