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  1. Nancy White

    Monday Videos: Mixing it Up

    Two from YouTube which remind me that “mixing it up” is a powerful interaction strategy. It can get us out of our ruts and boxes, inspire us, help us see from fresh perspectives and generally get our blood flowing! Here are two wonderful examples. via YouTube – The KO Hip-Hop Cello-Beatbox Experience: Julie-O and Opening ...
  2. Nancy White

    Online Community Still Crazy After All These Years

    After months of trying to get our schedules aligned, I had the chance to be a guest at the IBM “CommunityBuilders” monthly call. These are hour long sessions where people who facilitate/manage/care about communities within and across IBM talk about things together. I am a big fan of Luis Suarez, one of the hosts of ...
  3. Nancy White

    Debbie Kroeker’sThoughts on Connectivism

    Watch this. It speaks for itself and it speaks to me. Not just about learning, but about life. Sometimes letting go is the most powerful (and difficult) thing to do. Thanks, Debbie. (Hat tip Stephen Downes OLDaily) Thoughts on Connectivism on Vimeo on Vimeo via Thoughts on Connectivism on Vimeo. Thoughts on Connectivism from Debbie ...
  4. Nancy White

    Monday Video: Art, Creative Messages and Attention

    Via a Tweet from John Hagel comes the Enormous forest xylophone plays Bach’s Cantata 147 (Wired UK). A phone handset advert? Yup. But in it beauty, art and music. In our communities and networks, can we use art and music as a way to focus attention, learn and share knowledge? What ideas do you have? Post ...
  5. Nancy White

    Community Indicators in Times of Stress

    As readers know from my last post, our family has been celebrating the life of and grieving the loss of my dad, Bill Wright. Yesterday was his memorial mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church here in Seattle where mom and dad found their Seattle “church home.” Right now I have the house to myself and ...
  6. Nancy White

    Goodbye Sweet Dad

    William (Bill) A. Wright Born January 26, 1929 in San Leandro, CA; died peacefully March 24, 2011 after a short illness. Survived by Dolores, his loving wife of 58 years; his children, Randy Wright (Linda), Mary Frances Wright (Lee Bartholomew), and Nancy White (Larry); his grandchildren, Christopher (JennyLee Lieseke), Alexander, John, Ayala, and Caleb; his ...
  7. Nancy White

    Crosspost from NWWCoP: Twitter Chats and Tweetups

    This is a crosspost from the Network Weavers Community of Practice! On today’s full community “share fair” meeting the concept of tweetups and tweet chats came up. I mentioned that there is an open Google doc listing some of the more well known tweetups and I would share it, so I wanted to post that link and ...
  8. Nancy White

    Social Media Learning With Puppet Energy

    Last November I was pleased as punch to be part of the Orton Foundation’s “Community Matters” gathering in Denver. Little did I know I’d be creating learning partnership with Suzie, a fabulous, pink person who is thought to be a puppet by most human beings. Fun doesn’t come close to describing the magical experience. Thanks, ...
  9. Nancy White

    Networks and Coalitions with Thrive By Five WA

    I have been enjoying working with the Thrive by Five Washington coalition for the past 5 months. My little piece is to work on network weaving practices within the regional coalitions and across the state as they emerge and form. We had a fun session on network weaving a couple of weeks ago and I ...
  10. Nancy White

    Twitter Thanks and Social Media and Public Health

    Months ago I got an email from Trish at PKids, an organization devoted to childhood immunization and disease prevention, asking if I’d do a webinar in the way off future of February. Well, today was the day. Last week in preparation I realized I had to get my act together. With most of my current ...
  11. Nancy White

    Chris Corrigan on the art of giving instructions

    Just a quick post to point to a great piece of advice from the ever-wonderful Chriss Corrigan, The art of giving instructions: 7 practices for facilitators. Scan the snippet then, if you are a facilitator, read the whole thing. It is worth your time. Come to think of it, these apply for parents, bosses and ...
  12. Nancy White

    Heading Back Down Under: Part 1 Australia

    In late March through mid-April I’m heading to New Zealand and Australia to learn, lead and co-lead workshops and generally CONNECT. The Australian batch comprises at least two different things. Here is the first, which I’m doing with the fabulous Matt Moore. Here is the description and information: Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Workshops Five years ...
  13. Nancy White

    Inertia, Introductions, Chicken Poop and DS106

    Jim Groom has launched an open learning experience (pick your jargony name as appropriate) on digital storytelling this week and I really want to play. The first suggested assignement is creating and posting a short intro video. Argh,  I really don’t have time. I am really procrastinating, giving into the inertia of “well, if I don’t ...
  14. Nancy White

    Monday Video by RoCo Ilizaliturri: SĂ© Feliz!

    RöCĂ´ Ilizaliturri has posted a simple, visually intelligent and sweet video on Facebook. I was totally captivated. Maybe it is the frame of mind I’m in, but the juxtaposition of images, music and text (in this case in Spanish, which causes me to pay attention differently) just caught me. It doesn’t appear to be embeddable, ...
  15. Nancy White

    Graphic Facilitation Workshop July 2011

    I’m very excited to offer a visual practice learning event this year with my energetic and creative co-conspirator, Michelle Laurie. (Graphic Facilitation Workshop 2011) We had a great time with the first version of this workshop in August of 2010 in BEAUTIFUL Rossland, BC. Any excuse to plan another vacation there sounded good to me. ...
  16. Nancy White

    RSA and Connected Communities

    I’ve been up to my alligators in all things networks as part of the Network Weaving Community of practice project, a nine month community of practice for 70 non profit folks who use or want to use the power of networks in their work. I keep tagging and annotating websites like crazy (find them here!) ...

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