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  1. @cilantro_12

    Telling My Story

    Telling stories is such a core aspect of our humanity. Visual, oral, and written accounts have been passed down for centuries. History is made and rewritten through the telling of stories. For some, telling stories is therapeutic and healing or provides a human connection. For others, storytelling is for entertainment and joy. And yet, for […]
  2. @cilantro_12

    Zurvive the Night

    The time has finally come for me to produce, finesse, and publish my own zombie digital story – starring me, of course!…Well, it’s kind of me…if I were a computer animated sack doll. As I have become fascinated with the world of interactive stories lately, I decided to make my own “choose your adventure” story […]
  3. @cilantro_12

    Dead Lonely

    Love is the greatest power in the universe. Within those four simple letters lies a language that transcends barriers of spoken words, a machine that can combat hatred, and a promise of eternal goodness and kindness. Love is within all of us and is a universal symbol of peace and happiness. We all have the […]
  4. @cilantro_12

    Scream Team

    Who do I trust to be on my side when all hell breaks loose? Realistically, most of my friends and family will be lost to the chaos and those that survive will be ill-equipped to deal with the harsh rules of the new world order. So my dream team consists of four of the most […]
  5. @cilantro_12

    The Hero We Didn’t Want But Desperately Need

    When the end times are near and humanity turns against itself for the sake of survival, one woman  and her crazy, undead cat will be the difference between becoming zombie bait and staying alive. Zombie Zina is like none other in this bleak apocalypse; half zombie, half human she has retained her conscious in the […]
  6. @cilantro_12

    Paradise Lost

    Backwards, forwards; rewind, play. No matter which direction you view this story, your heart will be aching from the axe wounds it will leave in your heart. An impressive feat from a mere video game trailer. While Dead Island the game isn’t explicitly about storytelling, the game trailers always find a way to tell a […]
  7. @cilantro_12

    Eating Brains: Feeding the Writing Hunger

    As I draw nearer to the creation of my own digital story, I find myself drawing inspiration from some of the well-known and the lesser-known authors of the horror genre. I have been “picking their brains” for tips, tricks, ideas, and words of wisdom for how to get started writing successfully about the undead. I […]
  8. @cilantro_12

    The First Wave

    What happens to the soul when a human being dies? Moreover, what happens to the soul when a human being becomes one of the walking dead? Both of these questions invite sensitive conversations usually involving religion, science, or philosophy. Yet, despite decades of talk, both of these questions remain to have a definitive answer; some […]
  9. @cilantro_12

    Holding Out Against the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Look no further than Machu Picchu! Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth while the rest of the world goes to hell? If that’s not enough to convince you, check out the reasons by below for sticking out the apocalypse in this secluded, resource-filled region. If you’re still […]
  10. @cilantro_12

    The R/Evolution in Digital Storytelling

    Digital storytelling isn’t just a practice or an idea, it’s a continuously evolving revolution. It’s not just about one person’s story, but how the story of one can become the story of many. It’s also about how a story can resonate  and create change. This week’s reading had me puzzled at first as to why […]
  11. @cilantro_12

    Deliver Me to Hell

    What do you get when you cross zombies with youtube and pizza? An interactive movie adventure where you call the shots. Deliver Me to Hell is a digital story like none other that you may have experienced before. At first glance, you may think you are just watching a hilarious, four minute remix of Shaun […]
  12. @cilantro_12

    Can You See What I See?

    Special Features: Why?: Despite being an artist, I must admit that Photoshop has never been my strong-suit. I’ve largely avoided using it due to how much time and effort it takes to learn all of the ins and outs of the program. However, when I started reading through some of the visual assignments on the […]
  13. @cilantro_12

    Mid-Point Gallery Walk

    This blog post is a thank you to all of my peers and Lori for providing me with opportunities to collaborate, create, and, most importantly, rediscover my passions again through storytelling. My mid-point gallery walk can be viewed on Adobe Spark (a free online digital story creation application), and is dedicated to the peers that I […]
  14. @cilantro_12

    Triumph of the Walking Dead

    For the last several weeks, I have chosen to focus on scholarly articles that speak broadly to the term “digital storytelling.” This week I am trying something new on for size – examining the success behind some of pop culture’s cult zombie digital stories. Triumph of the Walking Dead edited by James Lowder is a […]
  15. @cilantro_12


    A black screen. A simple text fades into view, “The first symptom is the memory loss.” As the words disappear, the silence is broken by the sound of chimes and the sight of a swarming zombie horde.The camera view glides down and around the feet of the undead masses and zooms through a ragged hole […]
  16. @cilantro_12

    Spooky Shenanigans

    As I crossed the threshold, I felt my reality begin to split. My once friendly and familiar front porch began to transform into a nightmare filled with spooks and ghoulish creatures. It was as if I had stepped into an alternate reality – one filled with violence and hatred. My eyes began to conjure visions […]
  17. @cilantro_12

    Zombies! Run!

    “Run in the real world. Become a hero in another.” This is the tag line for the popular app, “Zombies, Run!” The app is a way for couch potatoes and advanced runners alike to get out and get active through running activities. You may be asking yourself, “how does a running app have anything to […]
  18. @cilantro_12

    Learning as Social Practice

    Education is not about filling up a bucket, but rather about lighting a fire. In this digital day and age, all of the information anyone could ever want is at the touch of their fingertips. Say, “Okay Google,” or “Siri,” and a voice-over will even read you the answers to your desired questions. For that reason, […]
  19. @cilantro_12

    My Gift & My Curse

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have been blessed with an incredibly sharp memory. This has come in handy for many things throughout my life, but the most surprising way that it shows up is in my ability to memorize music lyrics. This isn’t a very odd gift when you consider that most […]
  20. @cilantro_12

    The Stories Behind Math

    Not too long ago, the world of mathematics teaching was filled with memorization, relentless practicing of skills, and the idea that all math problems have just one answer. While some of these vibes still exist in some of today’s classrooms, for the most part a shift in instructional practices has started to reshape the way […]
  21. @cilantro_12

    Too Late

    “Running……………….Ruunning ……………….Bitttten—-…——fight……fightiiiiing..[][ Turning………………………………..Tuurninnng…/\\ …\\\\BRAAAAAAAINNSSSSSSS\][d…” How did reading that feel? What did you think was happening? Chances are good that the above passage did not give you warm fuzzy feelings. Chances are also good that you may have felt confused and  frightened. But to what degree did you feel these things? Reading the above passage may […]
  22. @cilantro_12

    Whistle While You Work

    “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” -Plato This week’s create is brought to you by the ds106 assignment: Can’t Get It Out of My Head. Tune your ears in and listen closely. Can you guess the song? It is one of my favorite pop songs, […]
  23. @cilantro_12

    Remix, Rediscover, Reinvent

    As an artist, I have spent many years struggling so hard over the idea of “remixing.” It is a topic that I never approach lightly, because of how close its boundaries hug the line of plagiarism within the realm of creativity. I think the reason that I struggle with it so much is because of […]
  24. @cilantro_12


    Who determines the value of a human life? You? Me? The government? God? We all have rules that govern our lives whether they come from within ourselves or from outside sources. In our head and heart we call them core values, at home we call them rules, in our country we call them laws, in […]
  25. @cilantro_12

    Your Brain on Stories

    Think about the last time someone told you a story. Not just a time where someone told you something about their day, but a genuine story. A time when someone became so animated due to their excitement to share their side nothing else mattered but the every detail pouring forth from their lips.  How well […]
  26. @cilantro_12

    Get the Body You Deserve

    Rule #1 of Zombieland: Cardio. Exercise is the main component to staying alive once the world ends and the dead start to rise and feed on those that survived the event. Whether you’re being chased down by a pack of ravenous zombies or fleeing from a corrupt group of survivors, it is essential to have […]
  27. @cilantro_12

    Dozen’t Stop Me

    “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” -John Steinbeck This week’s daily create called for a dozen. A dozen of what? A dozen of anything as long as it wasn’t eggs. With my mission in mind, I set out to find […]
  28. @cilantro_12

    We’re Alive!

    “Da…duh…da…duh…da…duh…da…duh…da…duh…da…du…da…duh…” The sound of dramatic and melancholy music sets the tone for an intense story of survival horror. A striking piano chord suddenly cuts through the rhythmic melody followed up by the words, “WE’RE ALIVE!” There are no visuals – no pictures, no illustrations, nothing but the sound. “We’re Alive,” is a classic style radio […]

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