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  1. Chris B

    How To Procrastinate and Win in DS106

    As I sit here, working on my last DS106 project right before the deadline, I decided to write to all you future DS106ers, and give you awesome tips on how to procrastinate and win in this course. First, I suppose you shouldn’t really procrastinate. But if you’re like me, and there’s nothing like the adrenaline […]
  2. Chris B

    Fandom Assignment: Avatar/Captain Planet Mashup

      2 of my favorite shows of all time are Captain Planet, and Avatar the Last Airbender. I mean, what could possibly be cooler than shooting water/fire/air/earth out of your ring or hands? Let me answer for you. Nothing! I will tell you what’s cooler than Captain Planet and What’s cooler than Avatar the Last […]
  3. Chris B

    Final Project Conclusion

    What I learned: I learned that doing restaurant reviews often puts you into this mindset of awareness as soon as you walk into a restaurant. It’s weird. The smallest details of food that you probably wouldn’t have noticed before, and the types of comparisons you begin to make between restaurants, all of which comes from […]
  4. Chris B

    Restaurant Review: Thai Aubergine

    As promised….my next (and unfortunately…final) restaurant review is in vlog form! Couple things first though: 1st: Sorry I was chewing and talking for the first few seconds. I honestly didn’t notice it happening at the time, but from a viewer’s perspective, it’s kind of gross. 2nd: This was in 3 parts, because I filmed it […]
  5. Chris B

    Audio Project:TripPlaylist

    Please, please, please forgive me on this. Because I’m about to make one of the laziest moves DS106 has probably ever seen. For one of my 2 projects, (this will qualify as audio), I came up with the idea of turning my portion of the radio show project we did way back when (The portion […]
  6. Chris B

    DS106 Assignment: Video

    I know it doesn’t look like much, but just this small clip of the song took hours to complete. I used IMovie for the project, and besides creating a varying array of fronts/colors/sizes/transitions/movements for the lyrics, the TIMING for the lyrics in time with when they appear in the audio of the song is meticulous […]
  7. Chris B

    Vlog #2: Anderson Center Tour!

      For those of you UMW students or Fredericksburg area residents who’ve passed the concrete/brick monstrosity on route 1 and wondered A. What is that thing? and B. When’s are they going to be finished building it? The answers are that the building is the William M. Anderson Center, a 1,700 seat state-of-the-art basketball/entertainment arena […]
  8. Chris B

    First Vlog

    My first vlog! And it’s about rats. Don’t worry, I know about/am fine with the fact that i’m both embarrassing and weird. Haters gon’ hate
  9. Chris B

    Restaurant Review: Steak N Shake

    To begin with a little background info: Steak N’ Shake is a 50s diner-themed fast food sit-down restaurant, offering typical diner fare of burgers, fries, malts, shakes, and sandwiches (For anyone who has been to Johnny Rockets before, the concept is relatively the same, though in my experience, Steak N Shake is cheaper). Most recently, […]
  10. Chris B

    Pop Music Spotlight

    With so much awesome new pop music coming at us in all directions from the likes of Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, and Britney Spears practically everyday for the past month, there’s one new artist from across the pond making an impressionable attempt at standing out from the rest of the crowd. Her name is Jessie J, […]
  11. Chris B

    Retro-izing Something Modern

    So I just realized after a closer reading of the instructions for this project that we were supposed to have a mid-project update on our progress. Sorry! I dropped the ball on that one. I will say that mid-project the biggest problem that I had was finding a middle ground between what I was capable […]
  12. Chris B

    Restaurant Review: Glory Days

    Sorry, this review is one from a while back that I just hadn’t finished yet and was sitting in the “drafts” section of my dashboard. I’m still planning on doing Steak N Shake as the next review, so don’t worry. This time I’ve chosen not to post on yelp, since the restaurant is part of […]
  13. Chris B

    Cooking with Chrisb123

    Step 1: Obtain Double Stuf Golden Oreos (Or similar off-brand vanilla sandwich cookies) Step 2: Get some Nutella or Peanutbutter Step 3: Dip Golden Oreo in Nutella and/or Peanutbutter Step 4: Realize your own awesomeness (unhealthychoice-yness?)   Ok, so not really cooking. And honestly, this is probably the closest i’ll ever get to becoming a […]
  14. Chris B

    Restaurant Review: Crave

    by Crave Review: This time i’ve got my own pictures! So much fancier right? Maybe for the next review i’ll do a short vlog and post that, so at least the reviews stay somewhat interesting with a varying format.                         Now for the review: […]
  15. Chris B

    Restaurant Review: Fredericksburg Pub

    Alright everyone, i’ve finally got another review for you. This time, local here in Fredericksburg (which I think, should be obvious by the name). Just as a brief overview, Fredericksburg Pub is a self-described “authentic British Pub” located in the new portion of the Spotsylvania Towne Centre (behind the mall) across from Central Park. The […]
  16. Chris B

    Hotel Rwanda Video Commentary

    Alright here we go: I personally didn’t have too many problems with this, since I’m fairly familiar with the basics of imovie. I did, like most others from what I heard, have some trouble uploading my clips, though no problems editing. Mostly, the problem with uploading was that when I tried using handbrake, I had […]
  17. Chris B

    In Defense of Pop Music

    After all the recent discussion of Rebecca Black’s Friday video amongst ds106ers, it made me think about pop music more generally, and come up with a few reasons why I personally think the music is unfairly maligned and so great.   I like “Friday” by Rebecca Black. In fact, I love pop music. And I […]
  18. Chris B

    Remix Readings

    I’d like to begin this post by stating my agreement with Melanie McBride’s and Brian Lamb’s posts on improving education. The following post is a response based on my minimal understanding of their ideas, and a base knowledge that only goes as far as having watched a couple spongbob/dora soulja boy mashups on youtube. so […]
  19. Chris B

    The Earth Alliance

    I’m pretty happy with the results here. Thanks to my computer science professor from freshman year for teaching us HTML. Though you don’t need any real HTML knowledge for this project, it definitely helped that I at least new what I was looking for/what the tags were. Anyways, the only problem I had here was […]
  20. Chris B

    Final Project Restaurant Review: Big Bowl

    To begin, just as sort of a disclaimer, some of the restaurants I’ll be reviewing will be from Northern Virginia. Since there’s a ton of NOVAians here at UMW, you’ve probably heard of these places, and maybe already even visited yourself. For those of you who aren’t from NOVA, if you ever find yourself feeling […]
  21. Chris B

    Spring Break Cont’d

    Ok, so I lied. Watching re-runs on T.V. over spring break did lead to something kind of interesting. Or at least funny. Anyways, I saw one of these commercials on T.V. for Athenos Greek Hummus, focusing around “Yiayia”, and what makes them funny is the clash between “old” culture versus “modern” culture. Take a look […]
  22. Chris B

    Idea for Final Project

    First off, my apologies for not blogging for any of the rest of spring break. Though I can assure you, unless you’re interesting in the re-runs of House/The Nanny that I watched, nothing of interest after that first day happened. At all. Anyways, here’s my idea for my final project. Now, sorry if this sounds […]
  23. Chris B

    Spring Break Day 1

    Day 1. What do college students like to do in their free time? Whatever’s cheapest and fun. So for anyone who was in NoVA yesterday, and from what I heard, also Fredericksburg, there were some CRAZY winds in the area. According to the weather report, gusts of up to 60mph, and yeah, it felt like […]
  24. Chris B

    The End.

    Here’s my sound effects story done on Audacity. All credit for sound FX goes to The End I won’t tell the  background behind this because I don’t want to give the story away, but I did want to say that I think it was actually pretty hard to line up the various effects and […]
  25. Chris B

    Digital Storytelling Narcissism

    Ok, so it’s not real narcissism if you’re assigned to appreciate your own work. I’d have to say my favorite project this semester has been my minimalist poster assignment. So first, here’s my story behind this particular project. I wasn’t really sure which project I wanted to do, but I was able to narrow my […]
  26. Chris B

    Chrisb123’s DS106 Favorites

    There’s been a lot of great work this semester from all kinds of people in ds106, but here’s a few things from a couple people who raise the bar to the point where i’m questioning if whether or not i’m one of Jim Groom’s ds106 slackers, soon to go into ds106 exile… Anyways, Megan MC’s […]
  27. Chris B

    Chrisb123’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

    After my recent revelation recent revelation that my Itunes library is a treasure trove for anyone looking for only the cheesiest of love songs, I decided to compile the sappiest Valentine’s Day Playlist ever. There’s a little old and a little new, but it’s all “ew”. Enjoy, kids.
  28. Chris B

    Blog Updated!

    Finally got a few things on the blog updated. It took me forever to get the flickr plugin figured out. After downloading the plugin and adding the widget, I had to go into my settings and then link to my flickr URL (which I figured out after realizing simply adding the widget hadn’t led to […]
  29. Chris B

    Itunes Poetry

    This is my “Stories Written in Windows Media Player” poem. I guess it pays off to listen to a lot of songs with cheezy names, because it makes it easy to join them together. Oh and btw, figuring out how to make this image a workable size and appear here was a pain in the […]

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