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  1. Cynthia Sarver

    Part I — “Education is political”: The people and the polis

    All education is political, writes critical pedagogy advocate Ira Shor in his book, Empowering Education. He goes on to explain what he means by this:  that whether school curricula explicitly help kids to better understand and have a voice in shaping their world or  not, both approaches are “political”; neither is politically neutral. An explicitly political pedagogy does not ...
  2. Cynthia Sarver

    Occupy Wall Street: What does education have to do with it?

    This testimonial from Professor Sean O. Murphy (Occupy Oklahoma City, OKC) answers this question with eloquence. Regardless of our disciplinary loyalties, educators help students make sense of the world and claim their places in it. Ideally, as each generation becomes smarter than the one that came before, the world becomes a better place.  For many ...
  3. Cynthia Sarver

    Race, Representation, and #Occupywallstreet

    If the goal of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is to take back the nation by getting Wall Street out of Washington, including the voices of those Americans most affected by the recession is imperative.  Janelle Ross observes that the crowd currently assembled at Zuccotti Park is “overwhelmingly white,” as is virtual and face-to-face participation nationwide. ...

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