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    Riding the Aufderheide on Friday


    A group of nine riders, all long past retirement age, get together on Friday’s to ride.  The rides are organized by Pat.
    On this (Friday) occasion we rode up the Aufderheide Hwy (Hwy 19) from Westfir.  It was a pleasant 25 mile ride in great weather.

    The map and elevation …

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    visiting Paradise Lodge on the Rogue River


    We spent three days and two nights on the Rogue River in Oregon.  Paradise Lodge can only be reached on foot or by boat.  There is no cell phone service or internet access.  Just great food and plenty of it and hikes with views of the river and wild life.…

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    class project: 5 card story

    I found myself in an old building.
    The building was cold and damp on a dreary, overcast morning I was focused on my computer
    the next thing I knew I was sucked into the display

    so I escaped out the back door into the alley

    Unfortunately, when I entered my…
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    Hiking the outer, lower trails of Pisgah

    Mt Pisgah outer trails View from the summit: Most people prefer to hike to the summit of Mt Pisgah.  I prefer to do the secondary trails. Why? I am lazy the summit climb takes lots of energy it is a road and not a trail it is the most crowded…
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    Mt. Pisgah, short walk and staying low-er

    Major Trails of Mt Pisgah in Eugene, Oregon

    Most people who hike Mt Pisgah, prefer to hike to the top.
    Top of Mt. Pisgah

    For me climbing to Mt Pisgah has a few disadvantages: I am lazy it is a lot of work and one long slog to the top…
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    introducing me for the ds106 class


     My name is Dale Schaper.  I am a retired Electronics Instructor from Lane Community College.  Previous to that I was a design engineer for Hewlett Packard in San Diego, Ca.

    As you can observe from the picture above, I enjoy bicycle riding.

    For passive activities:  I enjoy using GPS and GIS …

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