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    The Aqueous Killer conclusion


    I have no Idea what is going on. What seemed like a string of murders with a similar MO has turned into a major conspiracy. The police department has been ripped to shreds.  The police chief has resigned in disgrace, and the entire police administration has taken leave of their …

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    The Aqueous killer part 4/how to


    Hello Everyone!

    The next installment of the series needed some video, so I happily obliged with some video.

    To start off, I used Snapchat, knowing that Ms. Brenson was a millennial and that they do not get off of their phones. So I recorded some video of her being innocent …

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    The Aqueous Killer pt. 4


    Detective Jamison here,

    The aqueous killer keeps on sending the department what seems to be Snapchat videos from before the apperant murder of Ms. Brenson.

    From what I can tell, there is not much here in terms of clues, but there is a new person of interest.Perhaps it is the …

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    The Aqueous Killer Pt. 3/how to


    Hey everyone!

    For my next installment of the Aqueous Killer, I moved onto Audio and design.

    I knew no mystery would be complete with an ominous voicemail to really tie into the person of the Aqueous killer.

    I again had some assistance to record Nicole Brenson’s voice. I had my …

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    The Aqueous Killer Pt. 3


    A development has occured. We found a voicemail and image that the Killer sent to Nicole Brenson’s phone before the suspected time of drowning.  We were able to retrieve the image and the voicemail that he sent her before the phone was taken into evidence. hopefully it will reveal some …

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    The Aqueous Killer Pt. 2/How to


    Hello everyone!

    As promised, I am keeping up with updating everyone on The Aqueous Killer story.

    The next part of the assignment I felt needed to be done was the crime scene.

    I equipped myself with my phone camera, as well as a friend of mine to play the third …

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    The Aqueous killer pt. 2


    Another girl was found.

    Nicole Brenson, twenty-two, found a quarter of a mile away from the second victim.

    Another swim team member, she was also found in the pool. Most of the crime scene is still being analyzed, but this is one image that we have concluded will not cause …

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    My Idea for my Final


    Hello Everyone!

    I Hope your finals week is going well! My idea for my final project revolves around a serial killer by the name of the Aqueous Killer. The project will revolve around the mystery of who the killer is, who is next victim is, and what can Chaney county …

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    The Aqueous Killer


    The first murder seemed like an accident. A girl, no more than the age of twenty-three drowned in the public pool. At first, many people believed it was an accident. “Maybe she didn’t know how to swim?” This was a lie. It was discovered that she was on the local …

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    Creavid Sumstructive (weekly Summery for Video)


    Happy Sunday everyone and a Happy Fathers Day!

    This father’s day I spent it annoying my father by rewatching Classic Hollywood movies and telling him all about camera angles and the different directors filming styles.

    Obligatory Father’s Day Gif

    As interesting all that sounds, (And it was, to be quite …

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    Hello Everyone!

    My last submission for the week was a Q&A where my friends sent me questions that I would have to answer. I asked Coworkers, my friends, and family to give me some questions that they would like me to answer. Here is the assignment link.

    Here are the …

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    I React!


    Hello everyone!

    For my next video assignment, I decided to react to a video that was chosen by my little sister.  This was a cool idea because there is a ten-year difference. What I did not know was that she went ahead and chose a video that related exactly to …

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    When is not about me? I mean, honestly….


    Hey everyone!

    My next assignment for this week was the assignment in the video assignment bank.  Today it’s all about Me is a 2 and 1/2 star assignment,  Here is the assignment on the video assignment bank. Where all you do is brag about yourself.

    So, I went about recording …

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    Video Replay Instantly!


    Hello Everyone!

    This week, I started applying the skills I had learned in the Robert Ebert article and the other short videos at the beginning of the week into my videos. The first video I tried to apply this to was the Instant Replay assignment in the video assignment bank. …

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    Points of Cinema


    The second assignment I had this week was to watch and reflect on 4 videos that changed my view on video production. The way this happened was through 3 videos that were based on an individual film directors special technique. Then there was a video where it showed different cuts, …

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    Destructive Audio (Summary week three)


    Hello Everyone! I hope your week was not as difficult as mine was! Audio design was and still is very hard for me to completely understand, and it was a lot harder for me to involve myself with. I can completely understand how long it takes for a music artist …

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    Audio silence


    For my last assignment for this week, I tackled the very fun, very short 80-second audio story without speaking. Only sound effects could be used. It was very fun, but also a little challenging as this was one of my first times layering sound on top of each other.

    I …

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    Auditory Illusions(5 stars)


    Hello all! For my next entry into the Audio week, i tackled converting a audio file(MP3) into a MIDI file. I then went about applying that MIDI file into  a MIDI trail program. I know it sounds like a lot but trust me, the product allows you to “hear” the …

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    Audio comes at a cost


    This assignment was hard. I will be the first one to say that I had a lot of difficulty exploring and experimenting  with audicity as well as creating a short story. Finally, I believe I have done it. Below is the audio story itself, Just in case the SoundCloud doesn’t …

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    A Quiet Midweek


    Hello All! So far this week, I have been rocking and rolling! To start the week off, I went about creating the daily creates for Monday as well as today! I then went about compiling them into a blog post here.

    Here are the two daily creates that i created …

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    Creative Moon Graffiti


    The last Assignment I had for this week was to listen to a SoundCloud story about an alternative to the successful landing on the moon, in which the eagle crashed instead of landing.  The full recording is down below.

    Audio plays a really big part in creating the story. Once …

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    Reflaudio (reflection Audio)


    This week starting on Audio is a great start for me, because I recently went to a concert and the entire weekend had been music/audio orientated. Coming into the week, I started off with watching the two short video clips regarding sound and sound engineering.

    After watching these short videos …

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    Alpha and Omega could just not….


    Hello! I had a really fun time creating this week assignments, and in the next blog, I will delve into my book cover assignment. For this post, I will discuss how I went into creating the alternative image for history. I will also go through a brief discussion into how …

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    Creative Design destruction!


    This week, I had a little less trouble than I had the last week from photography. It was actually a very enlightening week so far. I started the week by creating the daily creates for the Monday and Tuesday of this week.

    Here is my first daily create. The fonts …

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