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  1. Dana Cazan

    Vimeo Victory

    Attempting to resolve the issue with Vimeo…in the meantime…can we talk about how Vimeo Plus is plastered all over the sight?  I am sick of being told “Vimeo Plus members are at the front of the line…with Vimeo Plus you … Continue reading
  2. Dana Cazan


    This if my final project for DS106.  I have to admit I am pretty proud of the video, though the timing and music isn’t as precise as I wanted it to be.  I had a lot of fun working on … Continue reading
  3. Dana Cazan


    On the first day of summer school, I was late to class because I couldn’t log onto the Internet in Chandler Hall.  Ironically, the classroom I was searching for was that of DS106, and forgetful me forgot to write down … Continue reading
  4. Dana Cazan

    Bible Talk

    The separation between church and state has long been debated in the United States, and Godless America definitely encapsulates what is a great divide in our national perspective and politics. I am have never been one to invest myself in … Continue reading
  5. Dana Cazan

    Changed my Mind…

    For my final project I decided to nix my original idea and do a narrative about the various interpretations of a story.  I am going to have some interviews, movie clips and music to create sort of a multi-media montage … Continue reading
  6. Dana Cazan

    Fly Like an Eagle

    For my web-re-do assignment I chose play on the ideas we came up with for our UMW “Extreme Makeover”  project and update the Mary Washington “Campus Life” Web Page.  The entire thing is a bit of social commentary on popular … Continue reading
  7. Dana Cazan


    I am so frustrated with Audacity. Blah! Rawr! Blah!   Here is what I have for the segment…I can’t say that it is exactlyyyy what we aimed to do, but it is some good porch talk alright!  Have a listen! … Continue reading
  8. Dana Cazan

    Surfin’ Safari

    Here is my first bumper for our radio broadcast…I am still trying to perfect things with audacity… DS106 “Dog Days of Summer” Bumper
  9. Dana Cazan


      For my sound effects story I decided to do a short narrative about a normal city day that is shook by the torment of the Apocalypse.  With all of the recent hype I thought it would be sort of … Continue reading
  10. Dana Cazan

    Porch sittin’

      I am still juggling with ideas, but for my broadcast segment I was thinking about doing something about Porch talk.  Porch sitting is an essential element of summer, and I thought it would be cool to record some conversations … Continue reading
  11. Dana Cazan


    Forewarning–scattered, semi-un-related paragraphs below. Between mermaids, pizza men, obsessive lovers and war-guilt, I think this was my favorite episode of This American Life that we have listened to so far.  I think a lot of it had to do with … Continue reading
  12. Dana Cazan


                          After looking at some other celebrity look-a-like assignments, I decided to try and do one myself.  I played with some effects of flickr to make two vintage-looking surfing photos … Continue reading
  13. Dana Cazan


      I used to think my sister was the meanest girl in all of St. James Catholic School.  She slightly resembled a tree-a tall slender body that towered over me, topped with a crown of hair that frizzed into the … Continue reading
  14. Dana Cazan

    First Attempts

    My goals for this week will be to attempt/complete the following four projects from the Visual and Design activities. “I made tea.” “The Four Icon Challenge” “The Big Caption” “Minimalist Travel Poster”

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