1. delvinmayan

    My Nigeria, your Nigeria


    These are trying times in our nation. We have as a people have gotten it all wrong. Our ideologies, our values, our everything. How did we arrive at this present situation where the dollar is about to hit 400 naira on the parallel market? And what do we intend to …

  2. delvinmayan

    The Shoki and Sekem Generation


    The past few days I have had reasons to engage in deep thought and ponder on the future of this country, the direction its youth are taking and their “naivety” in the face of the quagmire of issues that bemuses this country. Of course it is not an insult to …

  3. delvinmayan

    In Retrospect


    A few days back, two of my friends; Mr. Colawole and Mr. Femi, after reading my post “CHAOS” accused me of doing nothing (the very thing my article was all about). Mr. Femi bluntly told me that suggesting a solution would have been appropriate. Got me thinking and fortunately, news …

  4. delvinmayan



    “For always, no matter how powerful one’s armies, in order to enter a country, one needs the goodwill of the inhabitants- Niccolo Machiavelli”


    Chaos begat this country. The unity that was supposed to be forged on mutual consent was coaxed via both violent and extreme persuasive means, with the …

  5. delvinmayan

    Dearth of Reading


    Hmmmmmm. Taking time out to write this. Just woke up this morning with the desire to write and put down my thoughts. It all came as a revelation, but yet it wasn’t a revelation, but a trip down memory to my childhood. This article is dedicated to my mother, NONE …

  6. delvinmayan



    The past few months have

    seen the polity of the country take a strange path, the likes of which has never been seen in the country (though it has to be said that it probably happened in the early 60’s, but nah I didn’t witness it). The merging of three …

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