1. Dakota Hill

    Final Assessment


    Over this past semester my main focus was to become a better writer than when I went into English 101. I feel that I have accomplished many of the goals that I had set for myself. Some of those goals were how to brainstorm and map ideas, how to effectively …

  2. Dakota Hill

    The Perfect Quarterback

    For as long as I can remember I have never been good at finding a quote that goes along with a picture, but when I saw this assignment I thought I would challenge myself to find a perfect combo. In this picture Peyton Manning is conducted his offense to make…
  3. Dakota Hill

    bremen44 2012-04-10 11:08:00


    For this week in ds 106 I  choose to tell a story about my favorite baseball card. The card that has always meant the most to me is Chipper Jones rookie card for the Braves. Ever since I was a little kid Chipper Jones has been my favorite baseball player. …

  4. Dakota Hill

    Tell me a a story


    Who would of ever guessed that a 19 year old college student would still love to play Nintendo 64. Probably no one because not many people even still have a Nintendo 64. Everyone now either has a PlayStation or a x-box.

    Every since I was a little kid I have …

  5. Dakota Hill

    DS 106


    I chose to do a writing project for my next post. The assignment I chose to do was “Tell Me a Story”. In this assignment you are to find a picture of something that you have emotional attachment to and write about it. I chose this blog because if …

  6. Dakota Hill

    Is there such a thing as writers block?


    How many times have you ever been writing a paper, and then boom you are stuck. As writers we call this writers block, but is there such a thing as writers block. I think that writers block is a mind game. We all get stuck on a subject from time …

  7. Dakota Hill

    What do people usually write about?


    How do people decide what to write about? I think people write about what they read. If some people like to read horror books then they will write about horror books. Other people may like to read about romances so they will probably write about something romantic. 

    I also think…
  8. Dakota Hill

    Teaching to Write Shorter


    In every writing class that I have ever taken we would always write 500-600 word papers all the time. What if we cut that paper in half, and took out all the sentences we just rambled on about. It would definitely be shorter and most likely be a better paper. …

  9. Dakota Hill

    What does it take to become a good writer


    In my last blog post I talked about how there is a difference between a good writer and a bad writer. Today I am going to talk about how to become a good writer because isn’t that what we all want to be is a good writer. As we all …

  10. Dakota Hill

    There is such a thing as Good and Bad writers


    In writing there is such a thing as good and bad writers. The category I would fall under is a bad writer. I know as you read this you think this person has no confidence, but I am just being honest. In the book On writing by Stephen King he says …

  11. Dakota Hill

    Writing about what you Know


    Over the many years that I have been writing I can not remember the last time I wrote about something I knew. In my opinion if you write about something you know, you will have more knowledge to write a great paper. I will not be lying about what I …

  12. Dakota Hill

    The Challenges of Writing


    When I write I face many challenges. I believe you have to face challenges in writing so you can become a better writer. Some of the challenges I face are I have to many run-on sentences, I do not put the comma in the right spot, or I do not …

  13. Dakota Hill

    bremen44 2012-01-19 15:38:00


    As a writer I do not feel very confident. I have always felt that sometimes I do not have a purpose to write, so I do not put as much into my writing as I should. Over the years I have tried to learn ways to become a better writer, …

  14. Dakota Hill

    bremen44 2012-01-17 17:21:00


    The one rule by Vonnegut that will be hard for me to follow will be sound like your self. When I am writing papers I tend to not always sound like myself. This is the one rule I want to work on as a writer. When I was reading Vonneguts …

  15. Dakota Hill



    Hi, my name is Dakota Hill. I go to school at Jacksonville State University. Which is located in Alabama. I am originally from Bremen,Ga. This is my first time even doing a blog so i am excited to be learning how to do it.…

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